Bank: I keep between 550k to 450k Is this to low?

I like to keep a bank of 550k to 450k currants. Is this to low?

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  • I hear that after the reset we'll be able to cash in currants for raisins and then trade them for Euros which can be easily converted to dollars. That's what I hear.
    But then I've been trying not to listen to that voice as much lately.
    Why not spend the imaginary money on imaginary merchandise?
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  •  I have no idea what to do with it.  I've gotten the cubimal trophy 
    Haha, yes but you see, I also have the cubimal trophy. I had it about 400 cubimals ago. BUT I JUST CAN'T STOP MYSELF.
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  • I've never had more than 70k ish. Right now I only have 37k.
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  • I imagine when imagination comes in my imaginary 2 million currants will still be utterly worthless. It's a nice big number to look at though.
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  • It'll buy you a ton of cherries and allspice? Which you can make into beans for more imagination? It's not really useless :P
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  • There are interesting data points.  I have about 1.6 million and am slowly chugging towards 2 million.   Even though it has limited utility in large amounts, money is a yardstick for me in the game.   Here I thought I was a laggard. 
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  • I don't care too much for currants. Currant's just buy me stuff.
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  • I don't think there's a real need to hoard large amounts of currants. It can be a fun goal for yourself in the game and it might come in handy on the switch to imagination, but I'm guessing we'll be able to earn imagination after the switch in the ways we're earning xp and currants now. It's not like real life when it's wise to have money saved up for some kind of emergency.
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  • I read the original post, skipping most of the rest to say:  You're fortunate to have that much!  I really suggest donating some of your wealth (not really currents) to others.  I only have a mere 125k (not even level 60 nor have all my icons) and I get THRILLED off donating to other glitches!  I've got a pile of food waiting to be dropped in other's yards!  I feel bad for being so far behind for someone who started right after the reset, but man, is sharing awesome or what?
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  • I try to hover around 100K currrants, though I'm a bit below where I'd like to be...

    @HBurger for your currant gathering strategies article - I'd recommend including the making a crab happy route for quick currant building strategies.  If you do this every game day, you can get anywhere from 1k to 5k currants...especially if you drink your crabato juice before playing your choice music box. (and don't forget to flatter and hug the crab after to get a replacement crabato juice).

    The 5 of 6 Crab Route - Go fm Uplands Verge/Groddle Heights to Hechey Track/Groddle Forest, then to Scribe's Weald/Groddle Forest, to Oktyabrya/Uralia, to Baby Steppes/Ix - for 5 of the 6 crabs in Ur. (Only missing the crab in Carpal Tunnel in Ilmenski Caverns).  Just set a teleport to Uplands Verge or Baby Steppes, and you have a 5/6 route to gather currants from the crabs.

    Though I sure hope in the future they will sprinkle crabs throughout Ur into other areas just so we can't optimize only on this route.  I've found that once I determined this route, I tend to only run through these streets, and I'm missing out on the rest of Ur when I'm in currant gathering/building mode, especially since I can sell things to the Cebarkul tool vendor en-route...(and that would be another nice thing to see sprinkled throughout Ur...tool vendors...just one or two here and there).
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  • You guys are rich.
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  • Havok Summers, I do the exact same thing that you mentioned in your first post.
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  • I am clearly behind on what is going on in the game, but I have around 10k currants. I sell hooch for cheap at the auction house and trade most of my music blocks to a select few folks for grain to make more hooch. I've never bought a cubi and will probably keep a very basic house even after reset to conserve funds. I don't mind living with the 7 stills I have now. I may increase that number as time goes on but the more I increase it the more grain it takes to keep them all in production.
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  • I'm exactly like Havok. Ive been having my cubi trophy for years, but... Everyday I have to buy literally 10 cubis. Or any amount till I get a rare. I HAVE to get a rare a day, or else it isn't me. Lol
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  • 1m+ here. I have or can make everything I want already, and have nothing to buy. So I gather resources, make stuff, give stuff away, and sell stuff to clear inventory in a rather monotonous style. 
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  • I used to hover around the same amount - 450k to 550k.  When I stopped making donations to Humbaba my money started expanding explosively and I'm at around 2M.

    But really, you don't need money.  There's no reason to think that having *only* 400k currants is going to stop you from doing anything you want to do.  There are only two reasons to build up a large bank: 1) buying ultra-rare / irreplaceable items like yetis; or 2) buying new things in large quantities right when they become available.  For anything else I could just start every day at zero currants and be fine.
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  • I currant-ly have 1,142,157 saved up so far...not sure why...but I rarely spend a whole lot.
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  • I had a nice 120-130k for a while... But then I spent it all on ingredients during this leveling push (specifically during 49-50) that I'm doing and now I'm getting to where I get as low as 45c (yes! 45c!); though I've stabilized to hovering around 8-15k.
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  • After I hit level 60 and stopped donating so industriously my balance went from about 300k to about 2.7M at the moment. I never bought cub boxes as they always disappointed but maybe I should just load up with six hundred or so and have a party on my own?
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  • I'm at 1.7 million.  I got there with a lot of piggy nibbling, AK7 gives lots of super harvests and the energy cost is so low I don't even bother with the girly drink buff.  I mix this with tree harvesting and gardening where max skills give lots of music boxes.  I alternate between selling my gathered materials and donating them with EHSP.

    But my big project that got me the biggest one time sale...3,072 awesome stews.  That's sixteen bigger bags with sixteen dozen awesome stews.  The most a Glitch carry carry at one time. This took me a lot of effort to grow all of the crops and harvest all of the ingredients.  The beans were by far the most difficult.  61,440 beans 24 at a time.  My take from the friendly Tool Vendor in Cebarkul...491,520 Currants.  Even though it took weeks to do I really felt a neat Glitchy sense of accomplishment for setting a personal goal.
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  • @ hotmud: Now that IS very impressive. I think it's fun to set personal goals, especially when they don't require instant gratification. The sense of achievement is so much more satisfying. Good on you. I am inspired.
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  • I get very nervous when I dip below 2 mil. I was content when I sat around 4 mil. Working my way back up there, spent way too much levleing up and helping others to do the same. :)
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  • My bank is extremely low. my average is 2k to 15k. I always donate to get emblems and eventually icons. You have so much money! I have very little :)
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  • Ummmmmm ... I have 311 currants. Total. I once had more but I spent it. I sell music boxes to keep my icons tithed but that's it... having far too much fun jumping around to think about money! 
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  • Rook had 1,535,627,005 currants.
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  • @Rook: Damn, son.
    That is a warchest of fury.
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  • I'm slowly trying to grow my savings, but tithes are killing me!  I am hovering around the 300k mark...
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  • I try to stay at 1,000,000 currants. I dropped to around 750k after buying a set of icons and just recently got back up to 1,000,000 again. Right now I am at 1,018,000. I have the cubimal trophy. 
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  • :( I'm usually between 5k and 55k depending on if I've folded to go and buy some more cubimals. I'm rubish at saving.
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