Maybe I'm just missing the point?

Is there a time when the game becomes more like what I expect out of a game?

I guess I kind of had a sort of 'multi-player super mario' kind of expectation going in but so far - not that I've played it for terribly long mind you - all I've seen is:

walk up to weird thing
do something weird to weird thing
get something weird
take that weird thing to another weird thing and do something else that's weird.

And I'm totally not trying to troll anyone with this by the way. This wouldn't be the first popular game that simply didn't catch my interest.
I ask because this seems so minimalist that I almost can't believe that there isn't something I'm missing. If nothing else I think I should let the devs know that I thought the trailer was a bit misleading. Again - not trying to make a nuisance of myself. I was interested in trying it and I do think that there's a high level of professionalism exhibited here. Just disappointed cause I thought it might be something that it appears not to be after all.

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  • Hmm...what were you expecting by the trailer, if I may ask?
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  • I find that the fun is in the group activities, organised and spontaneous.

    But that would depend. What do you like to do?
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  • It feels like multiplayer Harvest Moon to me, at least in the beginning. Maybe that helps!

    I actually felt the same way at first. I'm NOT an MMO player. I really don't see the point: I game primarily to recharge from being around people. But this really grew on me. It helped that my live-in partner plays, so we mostly play together.
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  • Truth be told, Glitch is more a social game than it is a tradition game with a beginning, middle, and end. You'll probably get more enjoyment out of the game if you simply explore and find new things along the way, or meet people and just shoot the breeze with them. If you're coming from a game like WoW or something of that sort, you might be in for a very, very different experience.
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  • Illinest, it could be that it is just not for you (it definitely won't be for everyone) but there is a lot more than what you could have seen at level 4. So, I think it is worth getting to level 10 or so — you might still not get into it (in which case it is probably not a huge loss of your time and there are some interesting things to see along the way) … or some little light may go on and you feel like you "get it" (which many people report, after a while of feeling like "huh? is that all?"). Hard to know, really :)
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  • I notice you have a few basic skills under your belt, but you need to keep getting more.  Climbing the skill trees is what opens up more and more of the game's possibilities to you.  Always have a skill in process of being learned (it doesn't cost you anything), and then do the quests that the rock gives you after each new skill.  Stoot mentions leveling up to at least 10.  Leveling happens more or less naturally as you play the game, but you have to consciously keep adding new skills.  There's tons of stuff you haven't seen yet, and when you see a bit more of it you may have that "Aha!" moment so many of us have had as we fell in love with Glitch.
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  • @ Illinest, Even though I loved Glitch from my first day here, I totally get how someone can feel about just starting out here. I've been luck enough to have my boyfriend in the game and it's helped me get on track. I've also been lucky enough to have made some awesome friend's here. I think some of the best parts of the game are the social interactions. As you explore, you will meet new people and maybe even strike up a conversation with them. I've met people from around the globe in the little time I've been playing.

    Also, as you make friend's, they may help introduce you to things you've never tried yet, like visiting other peoples houses, the crazy/fun conga parties, mining parties, groups getting together to all try for a new achievement badge...the list goes on and on. Glitch is what you put into it and also what you make of it.

    I sent you a friend request. If you ever have a question in the game, or just want to shoot the breeze, feel free to IM me anytime I'm on. I like to chat.

    Best of luck with your time in Glitch.
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  • You're right, in theory.  But the game kinda neatly sidesteps the traditional MMO advancement theme by making it nearly pointless to advance ;)  And by giving people some promising tools with which to simply have fun and express themselves (BRING BACK ANTIGRAVITY CUBIMALS!! <3). So, does it get way different? no, not unless you play differently.  It does get a lot more complex; there is a bit of ecological complexity that may surprise you.
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  • it's like a fusion of Animal Cross/Harvest Moon/ and keeping my figures crossed eventually Creature series (PC) but yeah first time you hope on the game it feels like there isn't any sort of point - i think in my opinion the game should heavily guide people into the direction they want to be in so it helps get the idea across of what more to expect from it
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  • I think the discovery is half the fun. I like no wrong answers.
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  • Illinest - it can also help to set your own goals.

    When I started I saw that there were houses on the Real Estate page and instantly wanted one. I studied the mining skill, headed for the mines and kept at it until I had enough Ore to sell back to the vendors so I could afford to get my papers (after studying Bureaucratic Arts I) from the Bureaucrats and then purchased my place.

    You can get a starter apartment for as cheap as 1500 Currants.

    In beta this was a good starter goal for me, and once I took the time to concentrate on getting it done, the rest of the game started creeping up on me, the fun variety of transmogrification skills that open up once you study Light Green Thumb II, the street projects where you actually get to help expand the world working cooperatively with other Glitchen. And before I knew it I was hooked. But it did take a while before I really appreciated it.

    For me it was getting a place to live. For you it will probably be something else. Maybe you'll study all the meditative arts (including Martial Imagination and Piety) and become a Rook Fighter extraordinaire.

    Whatever you do - I hope you learn a few more skills (you don't have to be in game to be learning skills) try a few more things and explore a few more regions. Good luck!
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  • I get where you're coming from :)

    For me, when I first joined in the dark ages of beta'ing, it was okay at first - but for me there wasn't really much of a story-line. It was like "you're here, eat a pig, have a whitty-wise-guy rock talk and be like a chipmunk drinking Cola". For me a game is something that has to have an end, storyline and some sort of summit of completion - and Glitch doesn't have any of that really..

    .. and that is one of the reasons why I like Glitch. From a technical aspect, it's great how a forum, social-network and a game all merge as one. From an vector artist aspect, I study the world, clothes etc.. to improve my artwork. And from a gamers point of view - I like Glitch because, to be honest, it's not like a game - It's not like anything I've seen before..

    .. It's Glitch! :D
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  • "Is there a time when the game becomes more like what I expect out of a game?"

    Maybe. Maybe not. Glitch defies expectations, I would say. It might not be your cup of proverbial tea. But you might find that you find it is not tea at all and that you like mabbish coffee.
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  • When I first played (June/Beta) I didn't get the game at all.  I remember walking around thinking, "okay, what am I supposed to do".  After a couple of days of play I bought my one year subscription because I had fallen in love with Glitch.

    It was the quests that got me hooked, then the creative writing (these are my kind of people), artwork and then the social interaction.  I'm always discovering new things.  I hope that you give the game a bit more of a try, but like Stoot said it's not going to be for everyone.  It is not your typical game - there is no ending or winning in it!!
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  • > I ask because this seems so minimalist that I almost can't believe that there isn't something I'm missing.

    I have a friend who's super into Glitch and as I played from 1 to 18 before the recent reset I kept asking myself the same question, wondering what it was she so loved about the game that I wasn't getting. I can't really know where you're coming from but if you're like me the answer to your question is: "No, you haven't missed something. It really is this minimalist." 

    What Glitch most reminds me of the end-game of World of Warcraft (or how that played out for myself and many people I know). Namely, it's primarily gathering and crafting and achievement collection, with a side of auction house and group activities (rook defense, street building projects). There's no real bonus for leveling up in Glitch in terms of character effectiveness -- in fact, you might argue that staying little comes with a maintenance bonus (less HP to refill) -- and the questing is almost exclusively craft-oriented which feels recursive to me personally.

    If you don't buy into the idea of group-oriented street projects being "fun" then the meaningfulness of acquiring skills and recipes is mostly absent. This isn't unique to Glitch -- for example, if you don't buy into raiding in WoW the need to acquire player-crafted consumables, and the gold with which to acquire them, disappears. In WoW what you would have been left with (pvp and alts aside) is achievement hunting or making a minigame of the Auction House.

    Given that the "alt" experience of a Glitch isn't as dramatically different (game play mechanics remain identical) and pvp is impossible, what you're left with is achievements and possibly the auction house. However, unless street projects become more compelling in and of themselves I can't see how the Glitch AH will ever be robust enough to be fun in and of itself. To begin with, despite the complaints about the time-gating of higher level skills, it's extremely easy for a Glitch to learn every recipe in the game (unlike other games where choosing certain trades locks you out of others) which radically levels the AH barrier-to-entry. Lastly, as of now, there are no RNG-dependent recipes so no game-created niche markets.

    As for people who offer some variant of "keep playing, wander around, you'll discover new stuff!" as an answer… if you have any background in RPG or PC gaming your sense of "new stuff" and "cool things to see" is going to be sorely disappointed. Mostly I think this has to do with the 2D graphics. It's easy to explore Glitch and come away thinking "Ok, the only things I can interact with are trees, animals and lumps of dirt." That pretty much sums up Minecraft too (though I'm a fangirl of that game and the self-direction and freedom of MC compensates for its "just gather and craft and explore a limitless world" minimalism in a way that Glitch doesn't for me).

    This post wasn't meant as a criticism of Glitch. I just felt very sympathetic to the OP's confusion because I share it and asked a similar question. My overall sense of Glitch is that "there's no game in the game" and I don't think you or anyone else is crazy for feeling similarly.

    That being said, my profile pretty clearly indicates that I had nothing to do last night and spent more than a few hours chasing cooking achievements to unlock higher skills (not to mention clicking learn skills via the web on a pretty regular basis) -- but I did so knowing that the OCD activity was its own goal. I don't find the social or group aspects of the game as rewarding as I did in WoW or on my small whitelisted Minecraft server but clearly other people do and Glitch seems to have filled a gaming niche for that community. Personally I've found that there are times when I don't want to do anything other than run around clicking adorable pigs and looking at cute 2D graphics and Glitch will be my game of choice for that for at least a few months.
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  • Wall of text ftl, sorry hahaha
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  • The more tools you have the more you can interact with things.   There are some tools you can use without getting the skill to use them.   Maybe try to buy a fruit changer and make some lemons?  you can sell them on auction.    Since there are lots of new people around with just a shovel and a hoe you could maybe buy a scraper and head to firebogs to scrape barnacles.   You can sell the barnacles  in auction if your bags fill up.  You can eat eggs along the way, collect spice, sell the spice in auction.   Get a spice mill if you've got the currents.   grind up one of each spice to collect xp.   Keep learning skills while you are logged out.       If you go to get your papers from the bureaucratic hall, after you get them step outside and put them up for auction.  Then go back and get a set for yourself.  Don't spend the whole day doing that but try to get a little extra cash whenever you are doing something for yourself.  You can give gifts to other players and earn badges for being a good citizen.  I'd suggest giving something like an exotic fruit to other new players.  Something they haven't seen before.  
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  • I've never played wow but I've played in secondlife a lot.    I like Glitch much better.  It has the appeal of a virtual world with a little bit of the  structure of a game.   I don't think I'd like to spend a lot of time looking at 3d graphics.   And I'm sure I'd hate farmville or anything to do facebook.he 

    I just like the trippy-hippy, almost retro appeal of Glitch.  Wish I could play it on a hand held device.   I don't want a game that is too intense and absorbing.
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  • I also like it better than IMVU.   I like the world and the avatars better than what I see in IMVU.
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  • Several women friends came in to play about 6 months ago. Most of them loved it and still play but a couple of them got to about level 3 and have never returned. It's just not for everyone.
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  • @Treesa Thanks for bringing in the Second Life example. I haven't played that but I totally get what you're saying about Glitch being a virtual (social?) world with a little bit of game structure and I can very much appreciate that appeal even though I expected the game to be different based on the website and what friends had told me.

    Games with social components cover a spectrum similar to RL activities: sometimes you want to sit alone in a coffee shop while other times you want to go out dancing with friends. To accuse a dance club of not having enough seats with well-lit tables to read at quietly would be crazy. I wouldn't accuse Glitch of being anything other than it set out to be, but it can be a bit confusing for people with more traditional MMO-type game expectations.
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  • Secondlife is reported to be considering bringing more game type activities to the world.  I doubt glitch  would be very appealing to hard core sl residents.  Not enough building opportunities.  But SL is irrelevant, its not growing.    I think Glitch is ideally positioned to appeal to a lot of the people who are interested in IMVU.   Think of your Glitch house as an IMVU room that you "earn"  by interacting in places outside  your  "room".   Makes it more appealing to invite non-gaming friends and relatives, no?  Glitch avatars and houses are way more cool than the ones in  IMVU 

    Lots of people want to get into gaming but the word "war" in wow is a turnoff.   Secondlife is too laggy, complicated, and unstructured.  If people could decorate the interior of their glitch homes and participate in more art installations there could be the perfect balance between creative self expression and competitive game playing.   Would be great if it could also be your graphically enhanced "hangout" for chatting.   Don't think I've seen anything like that before.
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  • And the 2d has a funky retro appeal.
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  • First of all, hello! I'm new to the forums as I just started playing Glitch 3 days ago.

    Well, after travelling around for a day or so I thought too that the game was kinda boring, but I wanted to keep playing to see if I got hanged to it: and I did! After three days of learning Animal Kinship and Cooking, the game started giving me quests and I started having objectives, but most importantly I started having FUN! The feeling you get the first time you nibble a pig to get THREE PIECES OF MEAT. Oh man, and when you start realising that you are getting quite currant-rich, that you'll be able to buy your own house! Well, I'll just tell you: play a bit longer and if you really don't like it, I am sorry...

    Off-Topic: I just bought a house in Estevan Meadows 5344, if anyone wants to visit me I don't have any in-game friends yet xD
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  • Don't give up before completing the Jethimadh Tower quest. It's rad. Don't want to spoil anything, but:
    1) to start it, go to Tower St. N and go inside
    2) when you've found all 11 hidden places, you're not done: make sure you've visited all the key-locked locations as well.
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  • I know this has been answered repeatedly, but it still isn't clear to me why some people like the game so much, and so far I haven't got past what for me has been nothing but a struggle for survival, to see for myself what's so fun about it. I see a richness in the graphics, a richness in the economics, promises and reports of an ever-evolving environment and a potential for everyone to influence the evolution, some weak social networking functions, and virtually no built-in story. I've seen no reports or even promises of the kind of story, adventure, exploration and discovery that appeals to me. I do like the quests, but they aren't enough in themselves to explain for me why some people like the game so much.

    I had some fun with Animal Crossing, but not that much, and Harvest Moon didn't appeal to me at all. I played WoW up to level 60 before I developed any interest at all in the professions. Economic pursuits don't interest me at all. Maybe that's part of what some people like so much, that I don't get. The achievements in Wow don't interest me either. Getting a house, and land to cultivate, and customizing them and my character and wardrobe, don't interest me at all, either. Is that part of where the fun is for some people? That seemed to be a lot of the attraction for a lot of people in Second Life, too.

    I've seen some people saying that it's the group activities that make it fun. That makes some sense but only if I can see some fun in the activities themselves, and if I have some heartfelt interests in common with the others in the party. I haven't tried that yet, but I haven't seen anything yet in reports of group activities that makes them look appealing to me. I've always hated grown-up parties, especially booze parties, and naughty-talk/sexual innuendo parties don't interest me either.

    I'm more of a Zelda/Professor Layton/Land of Oz person, and I gave up on Zelda Spirit Tracks because I got tired of the first-person-shooting parts, which I detest. I don't like platform games much, either. I used to love Mario Kart, but I didn't have much fun with the racing in MySims Kingdom. I've enjoyed every WoW clone I've tried, but not as much as WoW, and I don't like the fighting in WoW.

    So what do I like? Make believe stories that go somewhere, some puzzles and challenges, some adventure and mystery and romance, limitless new places to discover and explore. I've always dreamed of finding a virtual land of Oz. Yes, I know, there's plenty of fighting in Oz, but there are plenty of other things besides fighting, like the Cuttenclips for example.

    I do see more potential here for learning to help improve the social environment than I see in WoW and DS games. Apart from that, does anyone see anything for me in this game?
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  • Ferond, have you been to the Rook Museum in Jethimadh Tower yet? :D
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  • Ferond, you have been around for a while, I have seen your posts for some time now, and it sounds like things have been getting worse for you here, not better.  I think that the only person who can decide if there is anything in this game for you is you--and I tend to think you have answered your own question.

    I am a very confused by the little I know about your gameplay.  The other day you mentioned in GC that you were stuck in Hell and could only IM and send email, and couldn't get your energy up.  Then when I IM'd you to see how I could help, you said someone sent you an orb.  An orb?  They would have done better to send you some meat and butterfly milk!  It's stuff like that that makes me think you might need some help with the basics..if you actually want the help, that is!

    If you do want help with that, let me know, I am happy to help.  I am not a power Glitch with a lock on all the game mechanics, but I have been around for a long while and I know how to thrive if not be a mogul.    Let me know if you want some advice!
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  • No, and it might take months for me to get there at my rate. I spent an hour or more yesterday or the day before wandering around, with continual help from Live Help, just trying to find a way to keep from going to hell.
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  • Ferond, I think Nanookie has hit it on the head really. You seem to be struggling with basic gameplay elements like eating, which leaves you unwilling or unable to engage in the game at a level that would give back what you're looking for.

    I can say for certain that there is story, there are quests that unravel mythology, there is drama, there is sociability, there is conflict (not combat). But these all become more apparent only when you apply yourself and move up through the game.

    If you're struggling to keep your energy up, you can do it with a range of very easy methods such as nibbling pigs, eating fruit or eggs, or conducting basic cooking exercises. These don't take long and require no mastery -- just a smidgen of attention. It may be frustrating that the game's secrets aren't unlocked for you at first attempt, but for many of us this curve -- this reward for curiosity -- is a crucial part of what we enjoy about Glitch.

    You're spending a lot of time in the forums worrying that you aren't getting the game. Perhaps that means that you _don't_ get it. That's fine, nobody said you have to... but you may end up happier if you spend less time fretting about not succeeding at something you don't really want to succeed at.
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  • @Ferond> So what do I like? Make believe stories that go somewhere, some puzzles and challenges,
    > some adventure and mystery and romance, limitless new places to discover and explore.

    I have to agree with @Nonookie -- you basically answered your own question with this. Glitch is not a game with a complex narrative background, it's not "limitless" in scope, it doesn't have puzzles or challenges of the type that, I'm assuming, interest you.

    It's not particularly realistic to want a game to be wholly different than it was intended to be.
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  • An hour in live help getting continual assistance on not going to hell? I certainly hope this is an embellishment of the truth (which I do all the time), because otherwise, oh dear! Are you really having *that* much trouble keeping your energy up?

    Maybe we're miscommunicating... what PRECISELY, in very exact scientific terms, does "keeping energy up" mean in the world of Ferond? Do you mean that you can't seem to keep out of the red zone? Or you can't keep your energy circle totally full? Do you stress out when your energy is in the greeny-yellow? Because those would indicate three very different problems.
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  • I don't know.

    I don't think Glitch is done yet. There is going to be a lot more in store for us. Races are foreshadowing of this.

    The Rook smash quest is foreshadowing of this.

    There's more than meets the eye.

    Why do I play? Do I get it? To be honest, there's a lot that I don't get. To be strictly honest, I don't like the game that much. I like the people. I like the conflict of engaging with people. I also like the developers. Not to sound sycophantic, but I think Stewart, Eric, Araldia, and some that I'm forgetting, are genuinely cool people. It's also be rad rekindling friendships with people from GNE[1]. I want to invest my time in their game because I want to show my support. Not only that, it's not a hard game. It's really easy to invest time into. I mean, they let you skill-up without even playing the game at all.

    So I would recommend keeping tabs on it. Choose a skill a week to skill-up. If you even have a modicum of interest in the game, you can always come back then being much more skilled. My 2 cents.


    [1] - In fact, Pixel hated me on GNE, but now we're pals. I haven't had a chance to run into Loli yet, but I spoke with her through email a few years ago. That was nice. So, I also just want to say it's nice playing with all a yalls from GNE again too. So that's a huge draw for me. I've also made other new friends (like Eureka and Napabeth to name a few) who I look forward to talking to.
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  • also not to be sycophantastical, but me too Dawgg. i dig those devs. and i am very happy to invest in them, this lovely place, and their future vision. true, if corny.

    also, i like the clothes. and the lands. i'm so in love with the bogs right now. i did not spend enough time in them before.

    ETA: Not five minutes later and I just won the Super-sized Sycophant emblem. Feh.
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  • @Hydi and wurzel: I think you've answered my question. Thank you!

    @Nanookie: Thank you for that offer! I'll keep it in mind.

    @wurzel and Mr. Dawgg: Thank you for those suggestions!
    @Mr. Dawgg: "skill up without playing the game" -- yeah, and even level up without really playing! All I've done since reset was trying to IM people and send them mail, I haven't really tried to play at all, and my level has been going up!

    @Arii and others: My apologies for the confusion. I imagine it would be impossible to understand what I'm trying to do, or my frustrations, without a lot of discussion which I don't imagine would interest you, and which is not necessary for my purpose. My question has been answered.
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  • I am a little overwhelmed by the number of responses.
    Well I do have some experience with Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing.

    I really loved Harvest Moon when I was younger. What I liked about it was the illusion that the world was progressing. The girls followed routines of course, but sometimes they wouldn't be where they were 'supposed' to be and I think that was what I liked best. I liked it when someone came to your house in the morning with a story event.
    Animal Crossing tapped into the same vein with their holiday events. I remember bringing my Gamecube onto my submarine on a duty day so that I could play the Halloween event. That was good stuff.

    Oh yeah a few answers:
    What was I expecting by the trailer?
    Well I was thinking that it would be like Super Mario perhaps. I thought that platforming might be an integral part of the game - you know - make some difficult jumps to get to the next area?
    I'm not saying that I thought it would be stomping on goombas and fighting bowser, but I was hoping that it would be a little bit more responsive in the way it controls. I've spent most of my meager playtime trying to hop around the tree-tops looking for exp buttons. It's not bad but it hasn't been a particularly rewarding use of my time so far.

    What do I like to do?
    Lot's of things. I've beaten games from just about every genre, spanning 3 decades. My pet peeve is MMORPGs. I was so excited when Ultima Online came out and even after I played it I felt like that game was brimming with promise. I didn't like the rough edges but I figured that the next generation of MMOs would be amazing. Then EQ changed the formula and I didn't like it. FF11 - didn't like it. Anarchy Online - didn't like it. I played the Matrix Online beta. Didn't like it. MEO. Didn't like it. WoW. Didn't like it.
    I DID kind of like certain aspects of SWG however.
    I keep hoping that someone will come along and finish the job that UO started instead of revising the EQ formula. I see them as competing philosophies and I favor the one that seems to have been vanquished.
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  • I like this game because I'm not a gamer. I think if I was a WoW vet, this kinda thing wouldn't appeal to me. The other day as I was wandering around getting a completist badge, I ran into a Level 2 who told me, "All this positivity is getting on my nerves. I want something to blow up." Made me realize that people coming from violent or conflict-based games don't quite find what they're hoping for- hadn't really thought about it, tbh. I'm personally glad there isn't any killing- if I wanted to run around shooting things, I would, but I don't.
    I do sympathize with feeling lost- I started doing completist badges just to have something to do. Didn't have this problem when I started in beta; the social aspect seemed stronger to me then than it has more recently, and there were a few activities I found more fun then. I chalk it up to being in a rut rather than it being the game's fault, though- I love Glitch thoroughly and am a moly subscriber, but I have to find ways to make it entertaining to my sensibilities rather than expecting to be entertained.
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  • @Illinest

    That's a lot of MMOs to not like.

    For my own curiosity (is there an Off Topic thread in the Glitch forums, because I'm pretty sure my asking this is about to take us there and I apologize in advance) what were you wanting/hoping/looking for from the games that didn't deliver? 

    I think the desire for story telling and the desire for reasonably free action are almost entirely at odds -- and not just technically, I mean artistically. I believe it's attainable in, say, a 4-player console RPG but I can't imagine how it would play out in a true MMO environment. (I feel anyone who's experienced a phased game can attest to this.)
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  • I've often described Glitch as Mario-meets-WoW, but the thing is it's not really much like either. Certainly just because it's 2d with platforms, it's not mario-esque (and I really don't think you're ever going to get the fine control over movement that would be required to make it a skill-based platform game)

    I thought your choice of words was really interesting in a couple of ways:

    1) "Beating" Glitch is going to be difficult. It's not really built to be won or completed.

    2) Which is perhaps because MMORPGs are (when they're at their best) are more about the players, rather than the game.

    3) Even so, I think it's probably a misnomer to think of Glitch as an MMORPG -- at least in the terms we normally think of RPGs (particularly those examples you gave). Perhaps Eve is the closest comparison in terms of open-ended play. 

    Glitch is like lego for mentalists.
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  • @djarbriil -
    There are other games that I can play if I want to blow stuff up. In fact I will be buying both Skyrim and Battlefield 3 and I will be slaying lots of dragons and blowing lots of stuff up.

    I do think it would be nice if there were some bread-crumbs to follow on the other hand.
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  • @Hydi
    It's best not to get started on that.
    I am obsessive about the idea of a properly executed MMORPG but I don't feel that any of the big games that define the genre are particularly close to what I keep hoping to see.
    I have pretty specific ideas about what type of online RPG might finally scratch my itch. When you mention the dichotomy of story-telling and free action I know exactly what you're talking about and I have a few half-formed ideas about how it might be made to make it work. One of my ideas would superficially resemble Glitch and that's what really drew me here.
    I don't think it's appropriate to get into that here however. I've tried to explain my views before and it always turns into me trying to explain why I think WoW is a failure.

    Best to just recognize that Glitch is Glitch and leave it at that.
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  •  I agree that the trailer was misleading. I was expecting something were you had more influence on the game world besides being able to plant new plants and breed new pigs, butterflies, etc... Like with most MMO's, I'm a little dissapointed. This game's starting to feel like another Farmville. to me. :/
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  • @wurzel
    I think that any game can be beaten. Even Animal Crossing. You set goals for yourself and accomplish them. As long as you're entertained by this you continue playing. When you no longer wish to set goals for yourself the game is done. Beaten you could say.

    This is different from a game like Ninja Gaiden 2. The difference is that the game can also beat you. If you walk away from Ninja Gaiden because you're just bored with it then it's no different from walking away from Animal Crossing, but if you give up because the final boss is too hard then the game has beaten you. Kid Icarus on the original Nintendo had me beat for more than 15 years. I stopped playing it but I could never let go of the fact that the eggplant wizards always got the better of me.

    Of course that's not Glitch. Getting off subject. Sorry.
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  •  Oh, just wanted to say. Despite my disappointment with the game thus far, I think I'll hang around a little longer... Maybe not play every day, but just check it once in awhile. It's still a pretty new game, it may get better.
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  • @Illinest: I will be perfectly honest (and fairly un-PC) here- I still play Postal 2 on rare occasions. Not proud, not ashamed, it just happens. I'm not anti-FPS or anything like that, I've just noticed how people who play violent games almost exclusively seem nonplussed when they get here.
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  • Illinest, I know what you're saying. It's just that boredom is not the way I'd characterise either beating a game or being beaten by it.

    Would love to know what it is you're looking for, though. Perhaps in another thread in off topic?
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  • what am i looking for?

    I'm looking for things that might not be technically or economically feasible.
    I've never managed to completely solve Hydi's dichotomy unfortunately.

    There's one idea that relates to Zelda 4 swords.
    Another that is more like Planetside.
    Another that borrows from Mount and Blade.

    I think the key to solving Hydi's dichotomy is to move the bar. We can't all be the legendary hero, but if you change how you track progress then you might be able to make a social action role playing game hybrid.
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  • I just started playing yesterday and I know that feeling Illinest has. But as for me, I enjoy just walking, jumping and generally relaxing in this game. Though the ultimate thing I wanted(and want) after starting the game is to see the evolving world. Maybe someone can prove me wrong, but in trailer I saw and read, that world depends on players. To tell the truth, I hope there's more to that then watering 1 tree in 1 large area some times per day and massaging batterflies :3
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  • silly new glitches. you just need to pet piggies, etc., stay alive long enough to learn skills and level up. then the fun begins. get your homes, put your piggies on autofeed then go have fun. have parties, inter-island conga lines, play with dice, racing cubimals, challenge the rooks and each other. join a group or make one. my day was spent at a friends swamp house complete with full bar, laughing at each others change of clothes, making faces with our new zombie heads or going to the vanity and making our faces weird. we did a mini naked conga line around groddle meadow saying hi and asking people to join in. (most noobs are chicken). we ended it by teleporting to plexus and taking turns being in the lead.

    this is wide open sand box play. have fun, think of fun things to do. talk to each other in game, not just on global. say hi to other players more. there are secret hiding places to find. learn how to make a butterfly follow you. push the 1,2 and 3 fast alternating and make yourself or someone else laugh. capture a pig, set him loose in the subway. or in a tree. play tag, hide and seek, or my personal favorite "nobody here but us trees". (nanookie knows what i'm talking about). create a game, invite others to play. hide a treasure and leave hints, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc. my house is filled with fireflies and fun. i would rather play this than win against any boss. it's way cool.
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  • @coolbettycakes: That makes more sense out of the game than anything else I've seen. Like a big indoor-outdoor birthday party with lots of games for everyone, or like the family reunions in the park I went to when I was little, where all the cousins had lots of fun playing together, with some playground equipment and nobody telling us what to do.
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