resurrect my thread- request for notebook/scrapbook

Could we PLEASE have a notebook or scrapbook where we could save notes and cards from friends ?
Say, have it take up one backpack slot -INSIDE a backpack but then once you click on it you could store say 50 notes/cards inside of it?
If that is too hard to code (i have no clue) then I guess you could make it so it takes one of the main 16 inventory slots like a gift box does.
I'd like it to look nice so I can leave it on display in my home if I choose to .
Oh - and could it have an optional lock ? In case I want to display the pretty book in my home but want to keep the notes and cards private.
Also - I think it might work well NOW for some player generated content we already have like the in game magazine .
This also, maybe, could tie in with the far-future player generated content that Stoot mentioned recently.
I have lots of notes NOW and I have no easy way to store them and some of them from my GLitch friends I'd really like to save- but they only store 1 note to a slot in the bag. So I am a sad glitch trying to save notes form my friends but find the storage part a big problem . ;(

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    the above link is from the original thread , now locked due to in-activity. but i do really want a noteboook/scrapbook- so i am re-posting and hope for more support; )

    heres a pertinent comment from the original thread -
    YEs Pascale _hi hugs_ - I am hoping maybe we could have a "simple" version sooner rather than later and then have a more complex or second "book" version whenever the player-generated content comes available in the likely "far-future" . ;)
    Thanks all for you lovely comments.
    ALSO - a bulletin board in my house would work to .thanks for the idea there Casarat that kitchen that i dream of ;) (the kitchen with pantry and fridge for food storage!)
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  • I would settle for Note-export options. Or Note API access.
    How awesome would sync with dropbox or simplenote be?

    Or, you know, you could take screenshots. That's what I do.
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  • sigh... if some folks here in glitch had already had a notebook then perhaps they woould not have lost notes in the bag missing things bug.
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  • Good idea - would definitely make me more inclined to make notes and exchange more notes.

    This Christmas I made scavenger hunts in my friends houses with 12 notes for the 12 days of Glitchmas - they loved it, but it's a lot of notes to keep in a bag!

    And serenity you may be right!!
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  • Yes!
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  • We are asking for this and other things to do with paper and notes since the beginning of times. Will devs listen?

    Examples: (this is the best)
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  • I had a similar idea, but I like yours even better!
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  • I would love to have this! And be able to save the pictures I take with Snapshottery in the book as well.

    edit: I'd probably need to print them on paper first. This should definitely involve some sort of iffy chemicals that you make with Alchemy skills. Or maybe even potions.
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