Good Pilgrim


Good Pilgrim

Farewell, beautiful Ur! I'll carry the love and joy with me when I go.

Good Pilgrim

stoot dolls growing wild in cebarkul...

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Good Pilgrim

Goodbye, messy house I never got around to cleaning or organizing!


peace to all of you
What a beautiful place, and what beautiful notes. Sparks and joy and love to all of you at the end and in our new beginnings.
it's been magnificent.
Set free, with love.
When the game ends, I know I'll be set free with love, but I'm still not ready to leave.

During this past year of rough health, Glitch was a near daily source of joy, silliness, and positive energy for me. I'm going to carry all that love in my heart (the unfaded one) and share it in the real world, though I am going to miss Glitch, and I'm going to miss you all.

<3, Good Pilgrim