A real Grade A effort!
It was a pretty amazing magic trick
... that's for sure!
Dammit stoot!
It's not FAIR! You gave us something so wonderful and now it's all going away.

I know, I know, life's not fair, and it is better to have glitched and lost than never glitched at all. And well yeah, I *am* glad to live in a world where such a magical place existed, if only for a few short years. And you're right, I guess maybe I can take a bit of Glitch with me out into the world after all!

... And what's that you say, maybe I *will* get to play Flowtending again someday after all because it totally *would* make a great mobile mini-game app? You're so right!! ;D

aww, thanks stoot, I'm glad we had this talk! and thanks for everything -- I'm so glad that I got the chance to take part in this beautiful, crazy dream. I will keep it with me always. <3
The Grievance to End All Grievances
Glitch is closing! What the hell?!