Those smugglers were really cute.

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Kazehas: 15th of Widdershins
How long have I been wandering in this mysterious land? One minute I was in the world mining for metal, the next I've been transported here. At first sight this looks like Hell One, but there are no chickens or pigs nor are there mineral deposits and trees strewn around there...

There are other phantoms, perhaps fellow Glitchen who have been stranded in this land. They come and go, almost like a mockery of my own imprisonment. I can find no entrances nor exits and my energy is running low. Soon I will be out of food and drink. What will I do?

I found a note left behind by another stranded Glitchen, Jimothy. He theorizes that this is some form of purgatory for sins. Perhaps he is right.

...No I can't think like that, I must escape from this prison. I have some hope, I cannot find this Jimothy, perhaps he has managed to escape. I must cling to this hope. Perhaps that misshapened Street Spirit is the key... I will attempt to communicate with it...maybe it knows the way out.