Rennie's Snaps

You mean to tell me I have to go all the way up there to mourn you?
I didn't know you could stand on this...I learned something new...
One of these things is not like the of these things...
I think we did the project wrong :/ I get the not-so handy...
Someone got a dusty stick :)
well...they were tied. worthless string.
so that's how I was made...
He's going the distance....but only the giants know what awaits...
a sad day in my butterfly garden
The pigs go marching one by one. Hurrah; hurrah. Moved the...
Rennie needs to get to the dirt...
I wish the spinny wheel was an upgrade option.
Over my dead body!
They're getting smarter.
Feelin' froggy, Juju? Jump!
it was everywhere! but, where was it coming from?
I was having a great day, and then....
Rube is very, very sneaky.
I kept telling him, "you keep working like that and it's...
I just wouldn't fit down the chimney...
BIG And small
Bring it, Yeti!