Status update

I wanted to say something really profound here for the top of my profile page, so here goes. ... I didn't want to love this game, I just wanted to have fun. I didn't want to get caught up in a community, I was going to hover on the perimeter. But TS made a game I couldn't help but fall in love with. And the people here (especially you troublemakers, you know who you are) are so wonderful, so understanding, so accepting that I fell in love with you, too. The awakened Giants are playing with our Glitch toys, our cubimals, our play cubes, heck, they're even sampling my herb hybrids. And now, well, now we disperse, a few here, a few there (a few of us kind of everywhere). Now we put our inner glitchen on the outside, where EVERYONE can see it. Because now, we are the Giants. And we will spark that tiny speck of creativity in everyone around us. All my love, kastlin

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Status update

how sweet!! (the Giants are not playing with any of my cubimals as I've released them alll....) aww, in your Ur, the Giants can re-make my cubimals...I'll miss you!

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