Newbie Bazaar now open for newbies to sell in a tower

Check out the newest floor in the Farm&Garden Coop tower on my home street.

In addition to all your farm and garden needs, including garden replacement supplies, and the fresh herbs and produce available in the Farmers Market on the 3rd floor, AND the Very Vegan Cafe (run by the Community Kitchen group) on the 4th floor, we have added the newbie floor.

The Bizarre Bazaar is a place where Glitches who cannot build a tower on their home street can used a couple SDBs to join in the 24/7 tower marketplace.  There are no constraints on either items or pricing, so you will see a wide range of interesting offerings.  Bizarre!!!

IM me if you are  a low level Glitch and would like to earn currants even when you aren't in the game.  No more selling from your house.  No more trying to catch up with elusive buyers.  Sell when and where they are ready to buy, even if you're not online.  

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  • Anyone who cannot yet build a tower is welcome to use 1 or 2 SDBs in the Coop tower.
    Posted 7 years ago by WindBorn Subscriber! | Permalink
  • What a wonderful idea, WindBorn!  And the Farm&Garden Coop is a lovely tower, might i add!
    Posted 7 years ago by Soupie? Subscriber! | Permalink
  • ill buy one newbie
    Posted 7 years ago by Taco Assassin Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm a newbie.. Level 5
    Posted 7 years ago by lolliepopgirl Subscriber! | Permalink
  • lolliepopgirl, IM me the next time you're in the game.

    You can stop by and I'll set up an SDB selling spot for you.
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