Want to record Glitch videos? Free Screencast-o-Matic Pro accounts and other options!! :)

Hi all,

Maruchan and I realized that some people might want to record videos of Glitch gameplay before the game ends. As you might remember, a while back the devs asked for people to use Screencast-O-Matic to record themselves playing. One of the problems with this software is that there is a 15 minute limit for free accounts. Thus, we bought a 200 user Pro account (for one month) that has no restrictions on recording time, and are giving all of you the tools to record as much as you want. Depending on interest, we could purchase more accounts.

Please IM one of us in-game or frogmail us if you want the log-in details.

Once you record, the video is stored locally on your own computer. This means two things: first off, you're limited only by the hard disk space on your computer. Secondly, you can choose to convert it to a video format and just keep it for your own viewing, or also upload it to Youtube or Vimeo or any number of sites.

We debated setting up a shared Google/Youtube account for everyone to upload to, but the shared login creates issues where a single troll could delete all the uploaded videos. So instead, let's suggest that everyone upload it to their own Youtube accounts and then post the links here! If there's interest, we could definitely create a channel and add all of these videos.

We hope this tool helps you record some of your favorite places, actions and memories of this place as we spend the next couple weeks celebrating our wonderful world.

Screencast-o-Matic is relatively cheap and has been used to some success before in the context of the Glitch community, but it doesn't work fantastically on some Macs (Java + Flash are a bit laggy on my Mac OS 10.5 laptop). Other users have reported problems on Macs as well.

Please post alternative software that has worked better for you! I've listed some options below.

Here's a great Wikipedia article listing many different options, both open-source and commercial.

Mac- and Windows-Friendly Software
Camtasia is pretty expensive, but they have a fully functional 30 day trial on their site. 30 days is more than enough time to record your favorite Glitch videos, so if you don't plan on using it in the future and can use up your trial period now, this might be the way to go.

Snagit is made by the same company, and also appears to have screen video recording capabilities. I am not sure what the difference is.

If you're running OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or above, the ability to record video on your computer is built in with Quicktime X. If you want to record sound as well, you might have to use Soundflower as well:
Here's some more information:

Another Mac-only screencasting tool is Screenflow. I have not used it, but it has been recommended on Lifehacker. The trial version produces watermarked videos, though.

CamStudio is a free alternative. I can't comment on the quality, though. :(

snygyst uses Ashampoo Snap, which costs $20 USD. They offer a 40 day trial on their website. 

Hugs to all!!
Katechol and Maruchan

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  • Got some awesome instructions from nightning on how to use Quicktime Player X to record video:

    In QuickTime Player X, you can do recordings by going to File > New Screen Recording.  If you want to capture sound, download SoundFlower

    Once you've installed it, turn on "Soundflowerbed".

    Then in System Preferences > Sound, switch BOTH input AND output to use "Soundflower (2ch).

    Then you can start using QuickTime to record everything.
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  • *bump*
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  • thank you for this.

    until you posted this, i did not know how to record video on my own computer.

    lazy, maybe, but i had not reason to want to record screenvids.

    now i know how.

    because also i have a reason.
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  • are there still logins available? thanks!
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  • I use  Ashampoo Snap 6. You can have a 30 or 40 day free trial, enough for the end of all Gltch. My videos on YouTube as snygystFS. 
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  • flask, I understand. I never really thought about screencasting software until now.  I hope your recordings go well. Post here if you have any problems.

    Green Meanie: Of course! I just frogmailed you the login. :)

    snygyst: Ooh, good to know!  Here's the program that snygyst is referring to!
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  • I use Camstudio in my work, and when recording longer sessions, visual and audio are not synchronized at the end.
    Shorter sessions are fine.
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  • how to save glitch
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  • I made an hour-long video of me walking through my favorite areas. Thanks so much, Katechol and Maruchan for giving me an account where I could make a long video like that.
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  • I've been learning the ins and outs of VLC Media Player (free) over the past few days.  It's a bit fiddly,  and you have to add audio manually through another program, but I'm mostly happy with it. I think I need to  boost fps to smooth out the jumpiness. I haven't attempted uploading to Youtube  yet.. but will post something this weekend for comparison purposes.
    I'm definitely going to try out Screencast, thanks to you generosity. 
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  • *bump*
    I'll let you know if I need log-in info, or if I'm going to use other software. I haven't done any screencasting before, so let's not all hold our breaths waiting for my contribution(s).
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  • I am totally going to do this
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  • If I may gently sneak into this thread, I'm trying to gather various peoples videos to make a music video set to Ur and it's inhabitants. Though I am looking for higher quality video than Screencast-o-matic makes. Anyhow, my call to video arms is here:
    I'd love video from others!
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  • Oh, just discovered this today! You can record higher quality video in SoM if you click on the FPS and resolution buttons down at the bottom!  Just a heads up for those who wanted to use this but were turned off by the quality.

    Since these are the last two days, I don't want anyone to have to wait to get the login details. Here they are:
    password: awesomestew

    Hugs to all and happy recording!
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  • Thank you so much!
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  • when i try to login, i just get redirected to
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  • help! i really wanna record!
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  • I had problems with sound on Screencast o matic, the picture quality isn't great and there is a watermark. I have had more success with Camtasia and it is so easy to use.
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  • I did camtasia when i couldnt log in, but it's creating a lot of lag
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  • Thank you, thank you. Because of you I have lots of good memories with sound and images.
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
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  • Hey all,

    I'm canceling the Pro account on the 14th (on Thursday). I think that the Pro page will probably be deleted then, so you won't be able to access the tools after that.  So if you want to convert your videos to a format that you can watch later, please do it now!

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  • ooh i wish i'd seen this earlier i took a bunch of video with the free account (and pretty low quality).  

    I'll post a link when its uploaded.
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  • Aw, bummer, Thursday! I didn't want to spam the forums so I tried not to bump the thread too much. 

    I think the free account only limits the length of time, not the quality.  When you check out your published Youtube video, try changing the quality and check out the highest resolution.   Also, maybe try logging into the pro site now? The pro tool might be able to access your free-recordedvideos! 
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  • Ooh I keep on being too late! Oh well i'm glad I got some video of the game. Here are the videos I took uploaded to dropbox. I'll try for youtube later as well.

    I was avoiding the forums at the end they were making me sad and angry in about equal amounts.
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  • Oh no I saw this thread in the forums many times but thought it was just about the free version so didn't read it, completely missed the word PRO in the title until now :(

    Great idea though and very generous!

    ETA: Looked in because I was messing around with a little bit of Asslandia footage shot on the free version:
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