Super Auction Sale day?

I was just thinking, sure I've been leaving stuff around for free but there's some stuff I think, well I'd like to make sure it gets to someone who would like it if I could, or that someone at the very least finds it, so I was thinking instead maybe I could just put it up on auction for really really cheap and that way someone who was looking for it would get it, that got me thinking, it might be fun to get as many people putting up a pile of stuff for really really low prices as possible and it could help some of the people in the wish thread, since I'm going down the list and not entirely sure what everyone there wants or needs still. I've never really planned an event before, so don't know if this is a great idea or not, but thought I'd ask if anyone else is interested. We could do it tomorrow even, since the people in the U.S. are used to getting crazy deals there...there probably won't be as much of a fear of being trampled though. lol

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  • I think it is a nice idea.  I had also sold tons of stuff for rock-bottom prices in my tower, like a cubimal for 50c or a stage lamp for 600c or table top decor for 4c.  I thought, even if one person buys up everything to re-sell it, I don't care, I just want to make it available.  And, it took about four players to finish it off, without one of them taking everything (obviously!).

    Now, since I don't want the currants, I just watch what people are posting about.  And, I check my home page to see what others are saying, in case someone I don't know is looking for something.  It is fun!!

    You could also check out the market place forum, I think there was a thread there about things people want to have or hold.

    I'm not sure if there is a difference or not from just leaving items around randomly, except you might prefer knowing who received the items!
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  • Oh I didn't even think of the market place, see I actually forget about the forums most of the time, it's only recently that I even started posting here, what with it closing and being in more of a hurry to do stuff or get rid of stuff or whatever. Well if people had wanted to do this, we still can, but I could just check out that forum then. hah
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  • Actually yeah hah now that you've pointed me to the market place, maybe I'll just do that, I don't know why I never even noticed it before, like I said I hadn't really looked around these forums much before the closing announcement. If anyone is reading this and wants to stop by my yard I'm gonna try leaving some free stuff out there, but the one or two more valuable items I'll ask if anyone wants so I know (or hope) I'm helping someone with a goal or whatever. :)
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