Giving Away Everything, Including Icons

Anyone who's been on the past couple of nights has likely seen me giving away everything I own on both my Genkicoll and Genkimama accounts.  Mama is probably all cleaned out by now, but Genkicoll still has a house full of goodies!

Keys are up for grabs for anyone who asks, and when I get home tonight, I'll put out all of my furniture (my inventory is stocked!) and price everything in my house at 1 currant.  When the SDB's are empty, I'll sell them, too :D  I'll hand locked items (like icons) out by hand, and make any credit upgrades to furniture that you like.

The more-rare stuff like cubis and dolls have already been given away, but there is still PLENTY of stuff to go around!

As I said, I'll be on tonight, but if you want a head start on my place, ask for a key... and don't forget to look in the attic! :D

EDIT: One last thing:  If you love playing casual games and/or reading books, etc, I have MANY reviews on my forum, as well as info on multiple sites where you can get the games -- including FREE games!  Come visit once we are Glitchless (or before!)  Genki's Game Gab

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