Grigori Tesla's Great End Of All Things Sale & Giveaway - Rescheduled Due to Internet Fail

EDIT: So my internet went down at the most inopportune time. Postpone said sale until tomorrow (Friday at 10PM CST) Sorry.

At 10pm CST on Thursday almost everything I own in my house and my tower will go on sale for 1c and many valuable things will be given away. There will also be a bunch of door prizes as described below. All my furniture will also go for 1c. I'll be adding snaps of it all below soon. Only two floors of my tower will be sanctuary, the top and the bottom. But almost all my artifacts, artifact pieces and rares will be out the door.

I will also be giving away all my currants or as many as I have as a door prize as well.

All door prizes require the winner be present.

If you want to donate anything to the sale, leave it with my Butler or message it.

Click here for the time in your local timezone.

House Giveaway Items

Anitque Spigot #28
Gnipperite Gnecklace
Street Creator Dirt Trophy Piece #1
Factory Defect Chick Cubimal #480
Million Currant Trophy #8
Woolly Glove with a Metal Darned Finger
An Entire Music Block Set
Complete Series 1 Cubimal Set
Complete Series 2 Cubimal Set
Glitchmas Crackers

Tower Giveaway Items

Antique Spigot #583
3 complete sets of dolls
1 Ciayotite Necklace (The first one I ever and finally completed)
4 GNG Music Blocks
2 SB1 Music Blocks
Spoiled Strawberry Seeds
1 Illemenskie Jones hogtied in bag

House Snaps
-Coming Soon

Tower Snaps
-Coming Soon

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