Food for offer...

Dear all,
I have left a lot of food out on my home street. To be exact, I've made 5 of everything on the encyclopedia page for food (except for rubs, veg packs, sno cones, sauces, which are only 1 each) and laid them out in roughly alphabetical order on my home street. It was mostly just my own little in-game goal, but now that I've made them, I can't possibly eat all of them, so anyone who wants to take any of the food is welcome to. There are awesome stews, potian feasts, luxury tortellinis etc, but there are also things like onion rings, bacon, strawberries etc.
Come by, grab a few for whatever EOTW party you're going!

And thank you all for an amazing game and an amazing gaming community!

(This is a shot of all of the food laid out, before anybody took any:

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