GIVEAWAY! Custom-made Glitch Avatar Plushies!

tl;dr: I'm hosting a giveaway on Tumblr. If you win, you get a free crocheted plushie of your Glitch avatar! If you don't have a Tumblr account and still want a chance to win, just email me at with the subject "Glitch Giveaway," and I'll make sure you get added. :)

And now for the actual introduction:

Hi, I'm Laaverosada. If you don't know who I am, I'm not surprised. After all, I didn't start playing this wonderful game until mid-October, and even then, I was a bit reclusive. But while I didn't do much to contribute to the community, I did lurk quite a bit, both in the forums and on Global. Although we never spoke, I got to know how truly wonderful all of you really are. I kept telling myself I would be more active in the community after I reached a certain level, after I learned enough skills, after I had more to contribute than just a bunch of noobish questions.

But I never did, because the staff announced that Glitch would be closing. After learning of the imminent de-imagining, I stopped playing. I had it in my head that every moment I played would just be a reminder that it was all going to end, and I would be too sad to have any fun. I felt that making any progress with my levels or learning skills would be pointless, since I would lose everything when the game ended. And above all, I didn't want to risk making any friends, since I knew I would never get to play with them again.

I now regret making that decision more than anything. I never got to see all the crazy things the staff added to the game in the final days, and I never got to be a part of this beautiful, kind, and giving community, if even for just a short while. My only hope is that it's not too late for the latter. I won't be able to give anyone any rare items, or any advice on how to better enjoy the game. But maybe I can help someone to remember all the great times they had playing this preposterous game. So let me try this again.

Hi, my name is Laaverosada, and I have something to share with you...

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  • Awesome! ^-^
    I entered, and showed one of my friends who entered as well. Good luck to everyone who entered, and thanks for making this~
    Posted 8 years ago by Chillykins Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I've just emailed you to enter ^_^
    Your own plushie is so cute! Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of our own.
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  • Entering via email - nice giveaway!
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  • Entered through email! =D
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  • Entered! I'm fivepleaseguideme on there. Thanks for the chance!
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  • I know how you feel. I mean, I never got a chance to do any of the crazy things I wanted to do in Glitch because I couldn't bring myself to continue playing the game-despite the fact that I knew it would be closing soon. I don't know what it was, but I now deeply regret my decision to stop playing. And worst of all, on the day of the closing, I completely forgot about it until it was too late. I'm going to miss Glitch, and all of it's wacky and wonderful quirks. It was an awesome game, no doubt. And to this date, I have never seen a game quite as a beautiful as Glitch. 
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  • Wow!  Lovely!  And I entered through email too. May we all find a new home soon, I'm missing Glitch too much now.
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  • Fantasic idea, and the plushie is so adorable! Entered thru email. Thanks for the opportunity to have one & good luck to all that enter!
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  • Quick (stupid) question- I don't use my Tumblr often, so... what's an askbox?
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  • @Djabrii: No worries, I'm quite Tumblr-stupid myself. ^^; Your askbox is basically like your mail box. You can open or close your askbox to messages by going into settings and clicking on your blog heading on the left side of the screen. Make sure you have "Let people ask questions" marked, otherwise I won't be able to easily tell you that you win. That is, if you DO win. ;D

    To everyone else, thank you so much for the support! I just wish I had the time and money to make something for everyone. :<
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  • emailed! 
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  • emailed!
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  • @Laaverosada - whew, got it! Thanks for the help :)
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  • I was here A LOT and I still feel regret i didn't get more involved. This is a really sweet post and gesture thank you.

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