It now is out for Mac and and Windows platforms are next. But there is a group there already and theres  a forum post for Glitchen there!

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  • I have seen so many suggestions for other games in the forums and 99.99% of them don't appeal to me at all. This though looks interesting, the trailer suggests some communal aspects which might be promising. (If only they had hired Kukubee and Danny for art and music!) Hope to see you there!
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  • Deepworld, Crea and Spacebound are the closest matches that we have found and all of them are still in development.
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  • Might want to vie away from Spacebound, though, only because its creator was the person who made Terraria, and he stopped develpement on that game when it was still young, I'd be afraid hed do so again...if that makes sense.
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  • Terraria was not "still young". It's not an MMO, players have no expectation of continuous development and support. So yes, the developers have ceased to release any new content (which was, effectively, free DLC) and they're done bug-fixing. While many PC games these days see additional bug fixes and (typically paid) DLC, it's not required and it usually ends after a year or two, depending on popularity and how big a studio is behind it (a big studio can afford to work on a game they've already released for quite a while, while smaller studios have a much smaller margin to work with).
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  • Actually, I believe it was Red that ceased updates on Terraria, at first stating the reason was that he had no time because of his new baby or something like that.  With no new development on the game, the co-creator, Blue, moved to work on Spacebound.

    For such an inexpensive game, I felt all the updates I got were worth the price I paid. It's a rich game in that the world is yours to manipulate and shape. There's some farming, house building, monsters to fight (or summon once you get to higher levels), areas to explore, many items to craft and treasure to find.  And unless you use a mod to give yourself uberpowerful weapons and armor so that everything is easy from the get-go, there are many hours (days, months, years) of gameplay to be had with Terraria.

    It is a single player downloaded game, or multiplayer if someone hosts a game on their computer.  The three times I joined a multiplayer game I felt terribly under powered and the last time was a set up to have the spawn point in lava--aka: instant death--and I lost some of my coins as a result.

    @ Faranae is correct: it is NOT really an MMO, such as it is. It could be if someone had a computer and fast enough internet connection to host a multiplayer game without the game crashing. I was never able to accomplish that, however with my laggy ISP.

    Starbound looks like it might be pretty good as a game. But it may not fit the Glitchiness we're all craving right now.
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  • i think i like deepworlds. i am flask there.

    is there a way for us to find each other?
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  • flask - there's a glitch thread in the deepworld forum for people to post in.
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  • I need to wait for the Windows version to become available. But it does look interesting.
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  • I'm installing Deepworld on my iPad now..will definitely give it a try!
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  • I registered...iím shroomy there too! flask, i put you down as a referral just because you were the only one who put their username on here haha
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  • I agree though that those 3 look like the best options....probably a waiting game to see which developes faster:)
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  • deepworld sorta matches my post glitch post apocalyptic mood.
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  • The Cat Face, I agree with you. I think I would have been excited by this game Before Glitch (B.G.) but now I'm like, gee, I wish there were brighter colors,, more cute, and more whimsey....
    Edit: Lyrical, thank you for continuing to keep us updated :-) I just realized I sound like a real Debbie Downer and I want you to know I appreciate your efforts! :-)
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  • i have been playing on facebook i am really miserable. i have tried games from here to there and i am miserable. there is no game to compare to glitch or faunasphere. i am miserable.
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  • Same, well i have been playing games and trying games, but...its just....nothing really fits, but id rather we inhabitate a few places and stick together, while we wait for a good fit, than drift apart. So really something that isnt perfect but we can have a community and build and craft items, and is a small download or browser game. It needs plenty of things to do, a range of things, and somewhere where we can build and help each other, and hopefully infect the places we go with Glitchy random kindness!!
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