Wanted to know we have an online shared storage?

For the streets/maps/NPC's, snaps, and a large assortment of everyones avatars? If not I'll put one together. I know some things are stored but, is there space for all the stuff? or.....I need the sprite sheets for stills, Lemo needs them to save for programming Im sure theres others who need LOTS of avatar sprite sheets....and weve got about a week so....

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  • And yes this is to the community not the devs:)

    Ok Cleops, amd TomC saved the street views and snaps, so no need to foucus on that. Thannk You both! So yes the main focus, avatars, and thier sprite sheets. Once the vanity and wardrobe go down, were limited to whatever weve put together, so if anyone can please contribute whichever ones you can, please! Second question...where in the heck to store things.
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  • i used mediafire in the past for storing random stuff, try to have a look if it could work and if it's possible to make it shared (and if there aren't stupid limitations, it's ages i'm not using it)

    50GB space with free account

    what about using google drive?
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  • Well the avatar sheets will stay available on the website anyway so I don't think we need a mirror for them :]
    They're just kinda private right now, but as logins would go away later, you'll be able to pick anyone you like I guess
    Easy scripted access is another thing, but LP will eventually sort something out if she get the time
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  • But yeah... an common storage for the rest would have been neat
    Too bad the glitch wiki has become unavailable, it would be a good place to store things, or just have a list of links to resources, like the full street snaps from Dropbox and the rest
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  • As for sprite sheets. Will the Janitsch site ( still run if we have everyone's profile numbers after closure? If so, is there any way of downloading a list of everyone's profile ID?

    I have tons of room on my dropbox that I have been storing all kinds of things on. People are welcome to access it or put it in a list of resources somewhere.

    I have been collecting everything I can. So far I have full panoramic snaps of everything including a backup of TomC's 100% clean stuff, I have heaps of videos, all the music and sounds that have been released so far, all players user names, the website back up including all the media from the blog (wallpapers, ringtones, etc), the official Glitch torrent pack, all the in game maps and the last whole of Ur map that accreditando did. He did confirm to me that he would do another final version and is contactable on FB. I also have the wardrobe and a load of misc tidbits the dev's have been posting here in forums and on FB.
    (I have just refreshed/updated some of Tom's items on my account if you can't see much at the mo but in the long term this is the address. Go to detail view to see the misc stuff)

    Scheijan has also downloaded everyone's snaps, but it looks as though some snaps will still be available after closure. I think TS said that the snaps available are a sample of their favourites? He has them all and I am more than happy to be one of the hosts and can torrent.

    Due to the short amount of time we have left if there is something I have missed that anyone wants me to store in the interim (I have 102GB of storage) until you find a permanent home. Just leave a message here or IM me via FB (URL in my Glitch profile).
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  • The snaps will be here, it was favorites but now it was said they were going to rework that, but they will be accessible here somehow at any rate. Avatars i know well be stuck with whatever our final look is, and the past avatars, will be saved as long as we save a direct link to the page, we dont know yet whether all avatars and sprite sheets not on Profiles will be accessible to everyone yet. If we spilt it up some ( and then share) we should have a good assortment that way. Like say some people focus , on holidays & special events, (animals, chef, butler, maid, miner, food clothes, gorilla, bunny, Giants, etc) type avatars, and others focus on everyday designs. And having it all in one place would be good.
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