Where Glitchen groups are now

There are plenty of lists of game options for lonely Glitchen. This list is for where actual groups of Glitchen *are.* I'm only aware of Glitch player groups in Here Be Monsters and in Minecraft. Also, there are a large number of Glitch players signed up for alpha testing in Mage Faire, where the creators are very aware of us and sympathetic and it looks like it'll be a good community.

If you're a member of a Glitch group in another game, please post here with info! Let's not lose each other when the forum goes dark.

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  • The spreadsheet
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  • There's a fair number of us over at Deepworld. Those with Macs and iOS devices are actually playing, and those with Windows are waiting ever so patiently. Here's the link to the forum thread, which is about eight pages long now.
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  • save the spreadsheet's link, any major game which got tried is there

    oh, some new game got added to the list, i'm going to try
    (tryed, seems to be a singleplayer :/)
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  • Join G+ as well, ppl post there a lot too, as well as from facebook
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