Using older Flash casuing bizarre graphical issues

Not sure that this is something you'll be wanting to fix, so much as something to warn users about! When I started playing, I was using and it all looked a bit odd... I didn't think anything of it until Jeff joined in and I saw his screen and went "Oh, your ground is flat!"

In the ground was all... wobbly. The chunks which clearly make up the ground were all at a slight angle, making it difficult to tell where the floor actually was, and also there were lots of holes!

After a bit of effort, I convinced my computer to upgrade to the latest beta version you linked to, and it all looks fine and dandy. Jeff isn't using the beta version, but was on a newer version than me, and his worked fine.

Might just be something to put in the docs, to say if your ground isn't flat upgrade your Flash player :o)

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