Hi Signs getting "stuck"

Last night while running around scraping Ice, I figured I'd work on the new "Hi Sign" badges. I would run to one end of the street, spin around, jump over the hi sign, and run back - and several times, the hi sign would get stuck at a particular part of the street and just sit there until I jumped over it. (Walking past it didn't do anything.) I sat there for a while, earning one of the badges, and then got bored and jumped over it, wherein it caught me.

This happened several times yesterday, not sure if anyone's reported it. I resisted getting the biggest time badge with it because it felt like cheating. (And I actually like outrunning the little buggers.)

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  • yes I bugged it a few hours ago :)
    Posted 7 years ago by Zira Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thanks, Zira. I forgot to do it last night and wanted to make sure I did it before I left for the weekend with no computer access and then forgot about it. ;)
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