Teleporting issues

I can't teleport anywhere I've been on the map but it still works for pre set destinations. Is that supposed to happen? Did I mis read something that the 5 daily tokens don't actually reset?

What makes this worse is that I went to my home street and upon returning to the world I wound up in a completely different location than where I had originally left from

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  • Did you run out of tokens? The tokens cost credits which cost real money. The 5 daily tokens don't reset, it's just you can only use up to 5 tokens per day.

    You might have been in a quest or an instanced location before you went to your home street. If that happens, you may be returned to one of the default "respawn" points in the Groddles.

    Once you learn more levels of the Teleportation skill, you will be able to teleport using energy, which won't cost tokens.
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