Collectors still empty even overnight.

I don't see this anywhere else, so I'll post this here.
Basically my butterflies, pigs out front, and pigs out back are no longer producing for the collectors it seems. 
It started last night when I went back and saw zero in my pig collectors (front) after a couple hours of being away. I thought maybe they were overcrowded even though they haven't complained, made sure each of the three feeders still had food and moved on. Same with the butterfly container and when I checked my less populated piggies out back they aren't producing either. 
Logged in this morning and still zero in every container. 
They are definitley fed. Can butterflies be overcrowded? None of the animals are complaining so I am a bit stumped as to why nothing is going in the collectors. 
Hope someone can help :o)

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  • Are the collectors overlapping with other collectors?
    Posted 7 years ago by Mal'akh Subscriber! | Permalink
  • OH.
    *said ominously* ...they all are.... 

    I can see now this is a problem yes? I did it with my feeders and realised it would neaten things up if I did it with everything.
    Thank you Mal'akh, I have no doubt if I spread them out again they will collect, thanks :n)
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