Achievement Text Not Available

So I want to save all the achievement text possible, which I started doing a few weeks ago.

Then three days ago, I tried to click on an achievement on my profile, but it sent me back to my own achievement page, like so:

Say I click this:
It sends me here:

I don't think it's a browser thing, since it doesn't work on either Chrome or Firefox.

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  • This is exactly what I tried to do and to my dismay they took away the page about 3 days ago :'(

    However, I did ask Anna about this and she says she's waiting to hear word about the possibility of releasing the achievement text.

    Unfortunately, total achievement count is also no longer available because this page type is gone :(
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  • Oh, I wonder what happened? The option to tweet the achievement was there too, so maybe it was a site clean up thing? 

    My other random observation is that there are three achievements that congratulate the player with Mazel tov. Well, at least three. 
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