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Known Issues

This is a list of some bugs and issues people come across in the game. There are others not listed, but these are ones experienced more frequently. Also, check out the front page of the Bugs forum for recent posts by other players for an issue that is not listed here.

For problems where you are unable to get in the game, or the game is taking a long time to respond, please start with this FAQ and after try the self help test page if you still need to.

This is going to be a sticky topic-no followups post, just so we can keep this focused on documentation of main issues.

Thank you!

Did your machine vanish as you were at home just starting to make something? It's still there! Follow this topic for what to do

General post about issues with Chrome and Firefox: Please check out this topic

Have a GPS setting that keeps showing up in the game? Please open a case and give us any details you have, if you can remember when it started.

Not getting a completist badge but Encyclopedia shows all streets visited, and the region has no secret streets?- Send us a bug report; known issue.

Bubble Tea might not give you the full energy/mood benefit during meditation

Still see the second part of Les Miserable in your quest log? We are looking into it; feel free to open a case with us if you can't get into the quest.

Problems with playing the game onRetina displays- We are aware

Shrines who want to talk to you, but have nothing to say- no 'talk to' verb- we are aware! Go ahead and open a bug report when it happens.

Seeing tower in your iMG menu in place of your home street

An extra set of trophies that you can place in your tower- no reports needed

Upgrades given during iMG conversion not showing in encyclopedia- Explained further here

Bought the Prepared for Ancestral Land upgrades, but get kicked out early- Known issue

Do you still have the Machine Shop Pit Stop Quest in your quest log? You can't complete it, as we have removed it for the time being. Please open a help case for us to remove it.

Chatting results in numbers entered into the chat window rather than letters- If you are a user of Comcast internet, the issue is most likely related to a product called 'Constant Guard' which has caused this issue. The only cure for this we know of is to uninstall the software. (Reference)

Midnight Glow home street and Night Lights backyard styles have lost some platforms to walk on- no reports needed

You changed your name, but the new tower doesn't reflect that- No reports needed

Wine of the Dead not working on your cultivated resource- Send us a help case, and we can fix

If you are not getting notifications of an achievement being awarded, please open a help case

Stuck in an instance that asks if you want to leave:
If you find yourself in this predicament, you can go /home (or click the iMG menu and choose to go home) We are working on this.

Summer's Day quest-
If you have problems with this quest, please open a help case from there.

Machines and dropping raw materials:
Making something (blocks, wood products, metal, etc.) and dropping the raw ingredients to make that item causes you to lose machine fuel, and you don't get your raw goods. For now, make sure you keep the goods in your inventory. :)

Are you still getting extra time in the Ancestral areas when it should have sent you out? Please open a case for us, thanks!

Encountering Jujus or Deimaginators or some other NPCs cause a brief lag- no reports needed

Powders (like Fertilidust, EHSP) don't show all the levels of use left in the bottles- no reports needed

Making Tree Poison and need to "make more" Diabolic Acid, clicking the "make more" button takes you to craft more Abbasidose instead of Diabolic Acid. Known issue, no more reports needed.

Feeding Batterflies and Piggies and you lose focus- If this happens to you, please let us know with as much detail as you can about the action.

Chat channels sometimes stop updating.
Close and reopen channel, or refresh

/who not working in chat channels, then suddenly they are- Please report it to us with a bug so we can log it

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