First impressions

I've played the game for a few hours and then come back in to have another go. I have my monitor settings at 1024 x 768, 32 bit colour, 96 dpi and some parts of the page overlap or are off screen. For example, the things in the bags at the bottom have the bottom of them cut off, and when I click on the item that is at the far right I can't see all of the text (eg how many do I want to eat - I can only see 'all of them' or 'only one', not the other choices. The map is
I'd like to be able to close the sidebar at the right (help/groups/chat).
The avatars are all rather unattractive and all look very glum. I think I can change it but haven't tried to yet.
The images do look like a kids game. I was surprised that they weren't more 'realistic', but they are cute.
The dialogues are cool and interesting, and sometimes pretty funny.
The maps are ok but it is quite strange not being able to go 'forward' (into the screen) as you expect to be able to from other games.
I have only played Guild Wars and Zoo Keeper so don't have much experience of computer games, but I'm finding it quite intuitive.
The best things about it is that it doesn't rely on killing things, you can play it by yourself if you want to, and it's free.

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