I only got to play for about two hours before the test was closed, but I do have a few ideas. I think having at least a few slightly longer worlds would be nice. I also think that more verticality needs to be added. Maybe some cliffs that need to be climbed, a mountain that takes a while to make it up, with some quests along the way to fix the path or something.

Overall I really like the feel but I do echo others sentiments about there not being much in the way of interpersonal interaction. The projects are a nice touch, but they still don't encourage people to work together that much. I do like the idea of a government, and maybe a crafting/farming (not like Farmville, promise) system that would require some working together would be something to look into. I think people are going to be looking to this game for a few things, but most of all the art style (which you guys have nailed), interaction, and the creative aspect. You guys have done your part with the creativity, and I know this isn't easy, but if you had some sort of system, maybe even a player economy, stock market or something that would have an actual influence on the world, it would be a great addition to the game.

Just my ideas for now. I'll keep thinking next time the game is open.

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