Request for pics of nekkid Glitchen... :D

So, I intend to make myself a doll of my Glitchen so he can be with me always. Sadly, I just realized I have NO unclothed pics of any Glitchen to use as a body model. If anyone has such pics, the higher-resolution the better, to help me make a decent model, I would be SO appreciative. I thought for sure I had some, but my aversion to nakedness has obviously won out over my artistic inclinations. :( 
Assuming my doll-making works out, I am happy to share/post a completed body pattern for those inclined to make their own dolls (not for selling, just for personal use). It will take me a while (I am slow, sorry...), but it shouldn't be too complicated to make the doll form itself.

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  • Lorain, you could temporarily remove all your clothes in the Wardrobe now, then follow the instructions on this page to get your sprite sheet, which you can work off on your doll ^.^
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    Lucky I peeled down yesterday at Friendly's suggestion! :)
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  • Wardrobe is still open for those who have not noticed! Change your clothes, go nekkid, shop for new outfits, whatever you want - and they get added to your snaps download page.

    YAY devs for keeping this active.
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  • Thank you! I've saved those pics linked, and got my own Glitchen sprite sheets too. Didn't realize the wardrobe would still be open. TS devs are awesome. My future Lorian doll is very grateful. :)
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  • I just want to share my booty picture.  Just cuz. :D
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  • are you able to see this?

    If you've ever had a nekid "look" it should be included on the page with your different wardrobe looks
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  • NSFW

    bow chicka bow wow
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  • I too would like to make a doll.  Only problem is that a rag doll would be seated, and my glitch never once had a chance to rest her weary legs.    With all that jumping the hamstrings on that avatar really ought to be more developed.
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  • Treesa- I'm planning, once I get the body shape down, to make my Glitchen doll stand on it's own. Just seems wrong otherwise since he never sat in the game! Wire or plastic struts probably, since it won't be that heavy. Not sure how to explain how it's done though. :( There's probably tutorials online, or I can take pictures of the work in progress to show how I do it when I get to that. Supports of some sort will have to be used anyways even if only to brace the tiny neck. Otherwise the head won't stay upright.
    Little Piggy, very cute pose, had to save! :D
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  • I am planning to make a needlefelted Theremina Lute on a wire armature. I need to buy specially pink wool fluff to do it so it'll have to wait till after Christmas.

    I took a pic nekkid climbing a ladder to help with this... I see I'm not the only one to have had that idea!
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  • Theremina, I've no idea what that is. Will have to look this up after my final exam. But it sounds neat and I'd love to see it when you're done!  My doll will be sewn and stuffed, pretty ordinary. I'm really not that talented. The wiring will be interesting for sure, I've only done it before on a tiny scale (pixies!). Wanting something I can snuggle with though so I may end up making two dolls.Totally did not think of getting a behind shot either, before closing. Thrilled that others had some to share and that wardrobe was left open. Such a great community this has been.
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  • Theremina--wouldn't wet felting be easier for something three-dimensional?
    I'm still pretty new to felting techniques, so sorry if this sounds like a very unintelligent question.
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