Need to get all the Artifacts, Rares and Items in one Tower

Taking Donations of:
Any and all Artifacts and Parts...
1 of every Common in game item , not including Furniture and Games, and Keys (Completed)
Music Blocks(Completed)
1 of each type of Permit
1 of each bag, storage, spice rack, element bag, Alchemist kit, etc.
1 of each Tool (Completed)
1 of each Emblem(Completed)
Uncommon Trophy Pieces
Rube Potato
GNG (Completed)
Dusty Stick
Crab Headphones
Defective Cubimal Chick(Completed)
Rook, Rube,Scion Cubimal
1 of each Philosopher Doll (Missing Neitzche)
1 of Each Food & Drink(Completed)
Shelves & Counters & Tables(No longer Needed)
Old Tree Poison and Antidote
Spigot (Completed)
Small Shiny Object with No Intrinsic Value (Completed)
Moving Box
Llmenskie Jones
Million Dollar Trophy
Steve the Pumpkin
Glitchmas or 
Platinum Spork (Completed)
Large Mysterious Cube (Completed)
Wooden Apple  (Completed)
Woolly Glove Darned with a Metal Finger (Completed)
Fake Nose Made in China (Completed)
Chicken Shape Brick (Completed)
Gnipperite Necklace (Completed)

Looking for these Artifact Pieces:

Torn Manuscript
Butterfly Bone Hair Clip
Magical Pendant
Caiyotite Necklace
Nyanite Necklace
Ouzian Necklace
Red Tiger Eye Neckalce

I have the bottom piece of the China Nose, some extra Gnipperite Beads, a Chicken Head, metal Finger from the Glove, wanting to trade for the missing artifacts
Also wanting to know if you would be willing to let me borrow items to take snaps, if i cant complete the collection:

Bring Potions and Games and  Party Packs.....for the celebration!

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  • Drop a line to Cleops... pretty sure she has most of this stuff hanging around in her tower.
    Posted 7 years ago by Wandering Confusion Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Good luck with the 20 different Street Creator Trophy Pieces!
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  • bump
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  • To my knowledge, contraband disappears when you move it from your bag. Good luck.
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  • Ok so that might not be feasible, wasnt sure about that....thanks!
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  • i have most of these other things, but im looking for one last cube piece (top right). then after a few good snaps in my tower with my completed collection, i would love to contribute what i can. what i have is on the top floor, let me know what i can do.
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