Thank you all!

Dear Glitchen,

Humbaba appeared to me several days ago and told me that the world as we know it is going to end. I've never been particularly devout, but this has changed the short life I have left. When I donned the robes of her adherents, she was so pleased that she imagined my face into one whose features are those of her creatures.

I have set all my animals free, but there is one final project I must complete before our days are at an end. I must build a shrine to Humbaba, to thank her for her compassion and for all the animals of Ur. Thus, I am seeking emblems and icons of Humbaba, including any rare or unusual items that pay homage to her. Please, contact me however you wish with what you have to offer and for how much, and we can arrange the transaction.

Thank you, friends. I will miss all of you, and there will always be an Ur-sized hole in my heart.

Yet I kind of liked it,

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  • I want to thank everyone for the very kind donations. I now have enough to make the shrine I envisioned. It will be small, but heartfelt. Once again, the generosity of Glitchen reminds me how special this place is.
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