Need playtesters for another MMO game/virtual world, my master's thesis project, inspired by Glitch :)

I hope this isn't considered advertising or spam; my hope is that you'll recognize that I think this is all very much within the spirit of Glitch.

I'm in the process of finishing my thesis project for my master's degree, which has consisted of creating an MMO game that was partly inspired by Glitch, and partly a response to the Facebook cyberbullying epidemic. The idea is that I wanted to see if I can create the kind of positive, supportive community that I think has been what has made Glitch so successful, but in a virtual world environment designed specifically for teenagers, catered to their specific social and emotional needs. It's not meant to rip off or compete with Glitch; it's more of a social experiment (and an opportunity for me to develop my game programming skills), and unless I find an investor who's willing to fund my continued work on the project (in which case it's likely to head in a very different direction anyway), it's probably not going to go beyond the basic prototype I'll be demonstrating and talking about at my thesis presentation in a few weeks. But, in order for my presentation to be successful, I do need to do some live testing and get feedback, which is why I'm trying to gather as many volunteers as possible.

Since my target audience is teenagers, so I am primarily looking for kids in the 13-15 age range, though 16-18 is good too. However, in terms of finding bugs and getting general feedback on the gameplay and the user experience, I'll definitely welcome help from anybody who has some time to spare. :) I'm actually setting up the game so that adults can play, but on the separate server from the kids, so that the kids can still have their own experience, while I can have my adult friends play the game in order to give me more technical and UI feedback.

So, if you have teenage kids, or know/work with teenage kids who might be interested, or if you yourself are willing and able to provide some feedback, please fill out this SurveyMonkey (or ask them to fill it out):
It asks for some brief demographic information so I have some idea of who I have testing my game. I'll then contact you within the next day or 2 with information on how to sign up and log into the game.

Thanks so much!

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  • BUMP!
    I know everyone's probably checking out the spiffy imagination update, but if you guys have some time to give my game a bash tonight or within the next couple of days, that'd be super helpful. :)

    Please still sign up using the SurveyMonkey above so that for the sake of my thesis presentation I have some demographic info about who my testers are. Within the next hour I'm going to start sending out e-mail invites to everyone who's filled it out.

    Thanks so much, guys! :)
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  • Well the demographics don't really mesh with Glitch I think since kids aren't supposed to play Glitch (???)...
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