three questions. please help me answer them.

three questions. please help me answer them.
how do you make teleport scrolls?
how do i make my storage cabinet bigger? were do i find a furnisher bag?
is there a way to buy or get another telaport space in your places you can go to fast?

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  • 1. You need the right skills and tools/items: Penpersonship I, Teleportation IV, Quill, Paper

    2. You cannot make your storage cabinet bigger. Once we are able to make our own cabinets, you will be able to make cabinets of different sizes, but not upgrade them from a smaller size to a bigger one. The cabinets currently available in the test housing come in three sizes; you get two of each size. You can find these cabinets in the cabinet section of your furniture bag. The furniture bag is part of your inventory while you are inside your /home (the test house for new housing - you can get there by entering "/home" in local chat (w/o the quotation marks)).

    3. With Teleportation III, you get the maximum number of teleport points (3 points), but with TP IV and V, you earn the ability to teleport using the map (this is limited to 3 and 5 times per glitch day, respectively). Using TP scripts can help expand the number of places you teleport to, especially if you remember to replace the ones you use.
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  • Millie, it's 2 and 3 times, respectively.
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