Dear Beebs. . . . RETURNS!

Yes, I have a new name, but I will always be beebs.

I've been on hiatus exploring new lands. I visited Skyrim, which is beautiful but terribly cold. I recommend bringing a parka. I tried my hand with the pick axe in Minecraft. Made some lovely homes and a village. Then I filled the village with monsters and golems. It was battle royale deliciousness.

But enough about me; tell me about you! For those who don't know or sadly forgotten (shame on you) I use to write an advice column for the Glitchen ImaginatUr. That advice column has returned! I have returned to pretend to know what I'm talking about and give you all useless advice on useless issues. Feel free to post your problems here, or if you're shy send them to my e-mail at

Remember, beebs is listening. . . . . most of the time.

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  • Yay, Beebs is back!
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  • YAY -->  here
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  • Dear Beebs,

    I have a horrible conundrum!  When harvesting an herb garden on someone's /home street, sometimes the resource becomes depleted from my use.  I don't always have the materials to restore fully, plus there is the added issue of the bug which turns restored herb gardens into CROP gardens!  It seems like some homeowners prefer to just remove the garden and replace rather than spending the resources to restore it while others want them restored--but how do I know? If I partially restore it with what I have on me, then they lose the option to remove. If I leave it broken and depleted, I feel like a jerk. Oh, Beebs..what's the right thing to do?!?
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  • Dear Beebs,

    If I give genjibeat a sammich, with proper 'code phrase', of course; will it count toward the give Beebs a burger Sandbox quest or has Beebs been completely 'retired' as an agent?


    PS, sorry if the sammich is rather's been in my bag for a while... :P  (and welcome back)
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  • These are great, guys! Keep 'em coming!

    (I have a deadline on the 21st. ;])
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  • We're so happy beebs is back!!!
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  • Dear Beebs,

    I have a most pressing problem. I don't know what ceiling I should use with an enchanted forest theme! Should I stick with the boghouse or shift to the starry night?
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  • Dear Beebs-
    It has been awful with you gone - I can not ask any of my friends for advice because I am embarrassed, but you always understand.

    My house and yard are still the same as what we got automatically (except some SDBs because I could not even walk around with all of that stuff).  There are just too many choices - my mind starts exploding whenever I look at the options.  I want my house to look good, so I think I need to make all of the selections before I change anything.  What should I do - live in a miserable shack the rest of my life or go for it and risk being dissatisfied with my choices?

    Confused homeowner
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