I know it's a game that closed down, but why did a lot of people there move to Glitch after?

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  • Maybe someone on Faunasphere advertised Glitch in some way. Everyone made a Glitch account, and then once it closed down, everyone continued playing Glitch.
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  • There were many friendships made by people all over the world while Faunasphere was open. When it shutdown, they all tried to find a game where those friendships could continue. A lot of people opened FB acc'ts to stay in contact. It was in FB that a new Beta game, Glitch, was discovered. Many people contacted TS for invites into the game. Those who got invites where afforded an opportunity to invite others. That was basically how so many people from Faunasphere end up in Glitch.
    Glitch gave the Faunasphere people a place to go to so they could remain in contact while still in a game atmosphere where they had all met and became friends.
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  • Actually, one of the Glitch players, posted to the FS forums before FS shut down to tell us about Glitch (don't remember that player's name though).  It was still in Alpha at that time.  Some players immediately applied for invites.  I think once those original folks got a chance to play, the word spread pretty quickly that it might be a good alternate location for those that were forced to leave FS.  My date here in Glitch is 10 March, which was 5 days before FS shut its doors.  But there are many others that joined weeks before me.  Many of us mentioned in our registrations that we were FS refugees...and I think the good people of Glitch took pity on us and invited quite a few players in pretty early (then the rest of us found out about queue jumping).  They knew that a good word in our network would spread quickly - as it did on the FB group that was formed for the FS refugees, and then the other FB group that was for players formerly of FS who were now playing Glitch.  ~40,000 players were left gameless after FS shut their doors...I want to say only a 1-2K or so made it over to Glitch to continue those friendships. 
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