Genki's Older Game and Book Reviews

I've got some new BOOK and MOVIE reviews up on my site, if anyone is interested in reading them.

For books, find reviews of the Books of Pellinor (fantasy), The Iron Druid Chronicles (urban fantasy - not my usual genre, but AWESOME!!), and two Dean Koontz (fiction) books.

For movies, find The Happening and 2012, which are totally different takes on the apocalypse.

I did actually make one game review, the first I've done since I discovered Glitch:  The World`s Legends: Kashchey the Immortal.  This is a casual game, meaning it's one you can play in 8 hours or less (usually... sometimes much less).  It's not an outstanding game for the genre, but I do think it's not getting fair reviews, so I had to try it for myself, then pipe up with my findings. lol~ ;)

I do these types of reviews periodically, and if I get enough responses here (or there), I'll continue to announce them in this thread for the interested parties ^__^

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