Be safe, please.

To Cupcake, Shexy, and everyone else in the way of Irene, be careful.  And please let us know you're okay when you can.  We're worried about our Glitchen friends in the Northeast.

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  • Be safe! Thinking of y'all! Scillyxxx
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  • Yes. May damage be minimal and cleanup easy.

    (And may this NOT be another Fran!)
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  • We're all stocked up with food and water for us and the pets for a week. Hopefully we won't need it, but we're ready.  I hope everyone stays safe!
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  • Take all the experience from cooking up and gathering stacks of food and supplies ahead of time for street projects and other Glitch wanderings and put it to good use. Stay safe!
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  • Thank you, all.
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  • The news reports we are seeing here in Australia show people evacuating some areas, stay safe all of you who are affected! Hopefully there will not be too much damage.
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  • So far it's just like a big thunderstorm here in DC.  Not to bad at all....if you ignore the fact that it's been like this for hours on end!  

    I hope everyone in NC is safe and dry.
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  • I'm in a hotel  and the power just came back on. We're a few hours away from where I live. I've been checking Facebook on my phone and everyone is taking pictures of their cars and homes completely flooded in water. I'm afraid to see what my house looks like when we come back :/

    And all that the news people wanna talk about is freaking New York, and it hasn't even STARTED there yet!!!

     Everyone on the east coast is in my thoughts.
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  • my family in south brooklyn is fine. the sun just came out! we've lost our water but we still have electricity and internet which as you know is the most important thing :) hoping everyone else living on the coast is safe and healthy...
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  • i'm watching the outage reports in my state.

    nearly every county has over a thousand reported outages. bear in mind that one outage may affect many households.

    in some of those counties, that's a big percentage of the population.

    if you want to watch the progression of outages in my state, you can go here:

    it updates every fifteen minutes.

    i am looking at the number of outages in the towns surrounding mine and suspect it's only a matter of hours before my power goes, too.

    and we have been warned that if we lose power we are not to expect it to return until wednesday.

    i have filled jugs with water and my bathtub is full as well so i can use that to flush the toilets.

    by now the storm has been downgraded to "tropical storm" but at nearly two in the afternoon sunday we are pretty much in the middle of it. "just" a tropical storm is windy enough, thank you.

    edit to correct: according to the radar images, we are only just now getting the middle of the top arm. we are expected to get the worst of it around 6 pm our time.
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  • We made it through without loosing power or water, so yay!  Lots of trees down and flooding  everywhere, and we are currently trapped in our little neighborhood. 

    Hope everyone else is safe.
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  • flask I am also in VT (burlington area) I can't get that map to work/ you know if there are expected outages near me? (sorry it's a bit of a personal question )
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  • chittenden county currently reports just over 1400 outages. of these, most are GMP.

    BED in its most recent report give no reported outages, although they have been updating their report every fifteen minutes.

    windsor county has the worst of it; the numbers have just topped 12,000 and climbing.

    byy the look of where the new outages are in towns around me, i don't have electricity for long.

    your service provider may have more specific information; i'm tracking VEC because they're my power company. in case they're your utility too, here's their page:
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  • @gabi:

    if you're doing anything that requires electricity, do it NOW.

    it looks like this is the few hours of lull they're expecting.

    around 6 it's going to pick up again and it's going to be worse than the first part.
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  • Thanks!! It hasn't been too bad yet I just feel bad for everyone trying to move in today (college).
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  • -
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  • Well...there was some rain and moderate wind this morning, but it fizzled out at 9. So...yeah. All my sprinkles are intact. No worries. ;) There are some other cupcakes that might not be doing so well, though :(
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  • So much flooding and power outages. :( Glad to hear you all were prepared. We just had minor flooding and some wind.
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  • well.

    it's nice and sunny today, which will help the power crews. as of noon today my power company (a small co-op) has over 3300 members without power.

    my power never went out for more than a minute or two, but with each of those flickers, dozens of my neighbors went down.

    my town and the surrounding towns are expected to be restored sometime this afternoon.

    my grandmother says she hasn't see flooding like this since the flood of '27.

    i don't carry flood insurance because of how high up a mountain slop i am and how wide the drainage plain is just below me, but let me tell you: another foot of water out there and i would have had basement flooding.

    the 7th green of the golf course (i can see it from my sofa) was just about covered in water, and it has a higher elevation than my basement.
     by this morning the flood water had receded several feet, so hooray for the huge wetland below my house!

    there are still over 13,000 reported power outages in windsor county and an average of 4,000 outages in each of the eight southern counties of my state.

    each outage can represent many homes; one outage yesterday involved 1700 households.

    but today it's bright and sunny with a light breeze; good drying weather.
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  • Same here! It's beautiful weather today. My house's power went out for over 24 hours and a tree in our yard fell, but it luckily wasn't close to hitting the house. I heard that over 1 million were without power last night on the radio!
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