how did you spend your test-free day?

i did housework and made eggplant soup and worked on projects.

and pined longingly for ur.

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  • I re-organized my sewing room. And made a sewing machine cover. And watched hurricane news. 
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  • I moved into my dorm room (without about 80% of my stuff) and found out classes are canceled Monday due to said hurricane :) Sounds like a good time for a test personally :P
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  • I went to climb a death defying mountain in a far off land for no particular reason. On my person I had only cat food, an awesome hat that has no practicality whatsoever and an empty chip bag to keep me warm. Trudging through the 5 foot deep snow in shoes that were 3 sizes too small and were pink with barbie all over it (shudder*). Whereby running into a creature whom called itself 'MEGAmuffin' who first told me "I'm never naughty... Just mischievously creative!" and after that spoke in what sounded like Yiddish so it was no help to me because I'm only fluent in 12 languages, one of which is not Yiddish.

    Then I found out the we had both gone to The Klingon Language Institute, so MEGAmuffin invited me over to it's cave/den/house thing to have some drinks.... which ended up being poisonous for me. After which I had to cross the ice river. Once I had finally made it to the top, it was time to set up camp. I found out my chip bag had been ripped so I had to sleep on the snow - I had to watch out for where I was because this happened to also be the location of the biggest radiation waste site. Then after I was done setting up camp a blinding snowstorm came and swept away my only can of cat food. After most of the really bad hail was gone I went to bed while fighting off wild bunnies that live in caves nearby. When I woke up in the morning I found that one of my toes had been biten off, but it was a relief to find the the radiation had caused me to grow another one.

    I decided to climb down the opposite side of the mountain where I ran into a mountain lion who didn't speak English (but we'll just pretend it did - like in Star Trek!) It said "None shall pass!" "What?" "NONE shall pass!!" where I replied "Oooh! You like Monty Python too!" He said he did but whenever he did that it just scared people off. So I befriended him and he gave me a ride down a bit, then all of a sudden dumped me and booked it! Then I realized we were near the dragon I had heard about, so while trying to search for my long lost cat food I had to slay the dragon with my awesome hat that has no practicality whatsoever - which it turns out it does; Apperently it's an old dragon slaying hat! Luckly for me the dragon reconized it a fled so I never really got to use it. By now my new toe had fully grown in so it was slightly easier to walk, except for the fact the it had spines.

    I came upon a large cliff at least .5 million feet and I had managed to make a parachute out of dead branches and small rocks. There were only a few sharp rocks at the bottom so I figured it was safer and faster then just taking the path all the way down. I jumped off the cliff and the wind pushed me into the cliff ripping my parachute in 3 halves. When I thought I was about to end my life a griffin came and swooped me up and carried me to another mountain. Which was infested by Ju-jus. By the time I was nearing the bottom I had my empty, ripped chip bag and awesome hat that has no practicality except dragon slaying stolen along with my shoes and my new toe. I had to fashion a new toe out of grass and mud.

    At the bottom I had to fight my way through a large tribe of cannibals and head hunters only to find myself captured by ravage lawyers who wanted to politcally correct things to me. After proving them wrong on several topics, I could finally escape through the jury door because they were not allowed in there where I carved a hole through the wall and escaped on the river that divided it from the rest of the world.

    I finally got home because I had made a helicopter out of bamboo and coconuts and flown over the seventeen seas. When I finally got to my house I had found out the most horrible thing.... My internet was down. So I got myself some maple syrup and settled down to watch Spongebob Squarepants. Then I went to bed.

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  • I was working. We run a holiday complex and change over days are Friday and Saturday, so I spent the day(s) cleaning up after guests, hoovering, dusting, making beds, doing laundry...pretty much anything other than cleaning the bathrooms (that's my partners job...but he does refuse to make any beds and leaves those all to me, so I figure fair's fair.)  
    Also had to replace a really annoying bathroom mirror that one of last weeks guests decided to smash.  I'm not that keen on drilling holes in tiled walls, as I'm always worried they'll all just break, but thanks to some tape over the tiles, they managed to somehow stay whole. Mirror was huge, so attempting to get it into the right position was annoying. 
    August is our busiest time of year, so it was non stop from about 8am until around 3pm. Then we just had to wait to let the guests in. Kind of irritating, as we never know when exactly they'll arrive (due to traffic), so couldn't really do much until last people had arrived at 6:30pm.  
    Then I spent some time with my partner ...for a change.  Had a nice dinner and decided to talk to each other instead of watching TV for a change. 
    Thought I'd better keep him happy before Glitch opens again and I swap my affections from him to the computer :D I'm spending today with him too (when he wakes up), so hopefully we'll be sick of each other before game opens :)
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  • sugarj, there is no way that story could possibly be true. Lawyers would never admit they were wrong.

    I jumped back and forth between FB and google results for games, poking around but not finding much. More of the same today, with the possibility of doing actual stuff away from the computer. I didn't haunt this site too much, so I consider that a victory.
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  • haha sugarj.. awesome!
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  • sugarj:  Excellent story!  *standing ovation*
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  • Awesome sugarj; just awesome! ;-)
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  • i just went to a beach party ! a very nasty dnb one !
    i loooove yoouuuu!! this is beautifull here :)
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  • Dang sugarj, sounds way more exciting than my "I worked my last day at my job, turned in my keys, collected my paycheck, and went home and chatted with friends until 1am" story.
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  • I beat Napoleon twice, in Civilization IV. Sugar, I took out the other dragon. You're welcome.
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  • What other dragon?
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  • Waiter, I want one of whatever SHE'S having. But maybe only half-strength...
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  • I'm to exhausted to think straight. . .please use small words. Pictures help.
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  • I love sugarj.
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  • I was begging for the power to go back on.
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  • I go to Glitch and look to see if it's open every hour or so even though I know it's not going to be.
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  • sugarj, i think I need one of your days. :)
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