The Piratey Side of the Story (or some of us hijacked the homepage for hijinks late last night)

Rascalmom: Look at stoot, all alone in the wide world of Ur. Don't you want company, sir? :D

bored no more: Arrr he be looking for bounty

MisAdventure: Please BoredNoMore..I have been told it it yarrrr And we know RM is proofreading...make her walk the plank...yarrrr

RM: Arrrr, Captain! bored and I can help you search the bounty! Quick! Summon we beauties:) 
search *for Jeez. Someone make ME walk the plank. Where's an edit button? Be that the bounty we seek?

BumbleBeez: ah (best fake pirate voice), we very much do need an edit button!

MA: Yahrrr...the devs need to walk the plank until we get our edit button...Yahhhrrr. Who's the swiniest swine in world? (Captain Hook! Captain Hook!) Who's the dirtiest dog in this wonderful world? (Captain Hook! Captain Hook!) Captain of villainy Madder and loot lout Eager to kill any Who says that his hook isn't cute! (It's cute!)

BB: *begins chanting* walk the plank...ARRR... walk the plank... ARRR.... opps.. no wait.. if they walk the plank they can't make an edit button... ummmm.... *begins new chant* make an edit button... ARRRR... make an edit button... ARRRRR.....

stoot (replying to RM): I'm sooooooooooo lonely.

MA: Really..I mean Really..One is the loneliest number but somehow that does not fit you. Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person experiences a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social relationships. However, it is a subjective experience. [1] Loneliness has also been described as social pain - a psychological mechanism meant to alert an individual of isolation and motivate her/him to seek social connections. And Stoot..white is not your best color. Think change!

bored: *breaks out into the "I'm so lonely" song from Team America: World Police*

RM (to stoot): But you WOULDN'T be if you just summoned some of us weee little Glitchen in :) Arrrrr, Captain! We seek adventure on the Glitchy seas!

bored: I don;t think he's in the game. besides, there's a mystery person running around in there. not in the list. a mystery!

RM: Well he WAS in the game, bored, LOL. Arrrr, a mystery on the high seas, eh? Batten the hatches! Raise the mast! Chase down the mysterious landlubber, mateys!

bored: Release the krakken! well, maybe not yet

BB: *peers through telescope* arrrrrr I think we're going the wrong way..... 

MA: Hey I took off my rain gear and I am wearing stripes. I think I look hot...oh I mean I feel hot..soon to be rid of the excess clothing.

Piece of Serenity: *chomps on popcorn watching the Pirate Show*

bored (to Piece): is this the pre-preshow? (to rest, re: stoot): Blast! he got away. Time to get another helicopter.

Piece (to bored): Yup I think so. *hands bored some popcorn*

BB: you should try my *cough* brownies... they are much healthier *cough* for you.....

Piece: Think these Pirates see that giant bird? *smells the brownies* mmmmm thanks *takes one and nom nom*   

bored: waiting for kevbob to leave his home so I can say it... "Kelvis has left the building" (to BB re: brownies): that depends on how much rum they have  

BB (to bored): bahahaha... thanks... *wonders off to find cleaner for my screen* (to Piece): ummm I wouldn't smell... just eat.. :)

Piece: Hey BumbleBeez those are some gooooooooood brownieeess

BB: Yo Ho Ho...... and a plate of brownies?

Piece: Works for me!

bored: can I have a *cough* brownie too? I need something to keep me entertained for the next few days. better make it a few dozen Yarrrr, dude. yaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr

Piece: So who's left out there in the Pirate Ship if you are over here with us BumbleBeez?

BB (to bored): umm sure.. but I *cough* take no responsibility for any actions that may have been contributed too by said brownies....

Piece: *reaches into bag and pulls out some Flaming Humbabas. Marvels at the fact that they never burn holes in the bags. Hands one each to bored and BB.* Gotta love herbal brownies!

BB: arrr blow me down matey I'm sure there's some lad or lassy still on the boat.....

bored: nom nom nom, glug glug glug. wait...weren't we supposed to be doing something? oh well. nom nom nom

BB: cheers for the drink... ummm I mean arrrrrr grog.... Yo Ho Ho

MA: Oh herbal gardens, heath food, healthy buzz, more brownies..what is this purple flower inside these yummy chocolate treats??

Piece: *whispers to bored:* That's not til Wednesday.

BB (to MA): dont look... just eat... *cough*

bored (to Piece): *writes down* oh right. aren't I supposed to be kidnapped? *makes mumbling noises*

Piece: *digs in bag again and pulls out a Flaming Humbaba for MA* Here ya go sweets. (to bored): Well yeah, and I am standing in a pile of guano, but thats the other story. Right now we are watching Rm and her pirate friends sail in circles.

bored (to Piece, re: bat poop): gawd, I hope that's part of the story. If not, you're scaring me.

MA: Ooh yummy yummy ..and a flaming Humbaba as a chaser..This is really a good time :)

Piece (re: RM going in circles): The Giants must be having trouble remembering her ship.

bored: where we last left our heroes... oops

BB: Aye, at this rate they'll end up as Shark bait!

Piece: If that giant bird doesn't plop them to death first. I bet Zzzzz summoned that bird.

bored: of course. why do you think we have remote herdkeeping?

BB: Arrrrrr your right matey *my god this fake pirate voice is awful!* I should have said "Aye, at this rate they'll end up as ROOK bait"

Piece: To collect meat to bribe the big ass bird? Not sure even Zzzzz (dun dun dunnnnnnn) can control the Rook. *whispers:* But I bet the Captain could.

MA: Those who feed bats get what they deserve..bat poop on their head. There was a song that you can not use..Bat Poop keeps falling on my head ..just like the Glitch who can not find a bed but I have something that will cryings not for me..and I am free, nothings worrying me. Hugs dfs

BB: *looks over suspiciously at Piece whispering to herself*

Piece: *turns to bored, BB, and MA and whispers:* Be careful, if you say his name too loud he might just appear out of thin air*

bored: *writes down* ok   

BB: WHAT??? I can't hear yooooooooou...... ooops... (to MA): errrr umm *cough* *cough* just how many brownies did you have?

kevbob reached level 42

Piece: *communicator signal. Piece looks at her comunicator.* Hmmmm. Kelvis is still hiding in his castle

MA: Holy bat poop Robin..what am I supposed to write down?

Piece: Guess its a good thing for Kelvis that its not Wednesday yet.

BB: wait.. what? ummmm Kelvis reached 42.. didn't that happen the other day already.... *wonders if I pressed the back button and not refresh*

Piece: lol 42 is a magic number for Kelvis. Something to do with his forcefield I think.

RM: 42 is the answer to the great question of Life, the Universe and Everything. Clearly, he knows this.

MA: Kelvis has left the building (she writes in her journal. Damn I might have gotten his autograph or at least the name of his "pharmacist"

BB: pirates who listen to Elvis music while wading in bat poop surrounded by a forcefield...... jeepers, just how many of these *cough* brownies HAVE I HAD?

bored: hmm... Kelvis found some sort of pathway between his hideout and yeoman's *makes notes*

Piece: Ah see there he goes out to the Bluff. You know bored, I know a secret way there. We should try it on Wed if he goes back.

BB: *hears rustling off glitch restraining order*

bored (to Piece): you been holding out on me? next you're gonna tell me there's one in jeth

BB: wow... clearing sticking to refreshing homepage and not anywhere else.. *sends out smoke signal to RM & Pirate Ship* Please come back and get me!

Piece: Wow, two secret paths to the Bluff. Interesting.

BB (to piece, re: restraning order): *innocently* WHAT????

Piece: Whatch out BB. Did you hear what I did to Brib when she turned into an agent of Kelvis?

bored (to BB): you're either with us or with them. which is it?

Piece: Um.... Well about see it was lat...tell you later. *eyes BB*

BB: You talking to me?? *said in best attitudey voice with wiggling of hands on hips and head movement*

Piece: Zippidy doo dah Kelvis. We can still track you in the bad lands.

BB: nonnonononon now hang on.. I'm with you... I'm with you... *down on knewws begging*

Piece: Did you hear what I did to Brib! No you didn't. And no one will find you either. mwahahahahah What do you think girls? Can we trust her?

bored: ha! clearly I'm scarier than Piece. win! ok, back to the show...

BB: Shouldn't we be more worried about the fact that MA has gone quiet???

MA: Oh I am so cute now, I might be able to entrap him.

BB (re: trusting BB): yes oh yes you can... *hand over heart* I promise to not tell a sole..... well.. um.... except you know... everyone who can read ummm our updates?

bored (to Piece, re: BB): I don't know... she did try to bail. she might be working for them

Piece: Well, ok this time, but no more talk of restraining orders.

BB: all hail the master.....gets out GPS tracker... did I ever tell you about that one time I "didn't" take Kelvis wallet and implant it with a tracking device...

MA: (As she quickly raises the hem on her skirt with her hidden needle and thread. ) Hey big in town? I can show you a (bump) good time

Piece: *Looks out at the Pirate Ship* sigh I wonder if the Giants will remember Rm in time.

BB: *peers curiously* ummm MA, you feeling ok? 

Piece: Ooooo. His wallet. Nice!

MA: OOH do it to me one more time Giants...pant pant,,,ok..same time same place..Oh does RM need help?

BB: a very good slide of hand and flick of wrist during the photo and then ha! let others take the blame... see I'm soooooo on your side!

bored: too many brownies

Piece: The giants are misremembering her MA

BB: *cough* what brownies? I don't *cough* know anything about anything....

Piece: Moraba Plains? I wonder..... (to BB): You really should go see someone about that cough.

bored (to BB): hey! cover your mouth! *shudder*

Piece: I got it. Moraba Plains is where that thing is bored. I hope he doesn't find it.

bored: oh yes. the thing. he shouldn't find it . I doubt he even knows what it is.

Piece: *shakes head* Why do I keep hearing Rm say that [about 42, from earlier]? *sounds of creaking from the ship can be heard*

BB: *returns from wardrobe* ready..... *turns on gps tracker* set.... *sneaks off* go.....

Piece: *turns to look at ship and sees it coming back to shore* OMGiants, Rm was remember correctly! WHOOOOT

BB: *hears creepy alien voice* you are not alone..... ....ummm oops....

Piece: hahaha. Kelvis will never see her coming.

MA: Ah but the Giants and I will always have Paris (as she checks her ept wand and prays

RM: Arrrrrr! The giants have remembered the dread pirate RM! (*cough: woke up from nap on keyboard; cough*) Why be I floating around in circles out here in me boat? Why did the Captain abandon me? Why is kevbob alone in Ur?....

BB: ummm he's not! .. my GPS tracker has picked up a second signal...... oh ummm HI Jade!

bored (to RM): again, too many brownies

Piece (re: kevbob): *whispers to rm* he's not.

MA: Oh RM he was not alone...( as she prays to all things giant that the ept test turns out to be negative)

Piece (to BB): Shhhh. BB that is Heidi *wink wink*

BB: *shouting* Piece is there something wrong with your eye?

Piece: Hey remember Brib!   

RM: Aha, arrrrr, I have Heidi in me sights now. Didn't spot her before. She appears to be gone again however! (Piece, when did Superman become Kelvis btw?)

Piece: *whispers to bored* BB might be a problem yet.

BB: when he had a change of hairstyle I believe *WHIPERS*

Piece: Well... he is looking like Elvis at the moment, and name changes are only 100 currants. So I thought why not.

BB: Ooopppppss (re: revealing secret of kevbob’s name change) [then] *creeps towards moraba plains* checks gps, looks clear....moving in on target

RM: Piece, bored...we be losing our train of thought! (*cough, those darn brownies, BB, cough*) Um...LAMPREY!

Piece (to BB): Ooopps...yeah. Just rememeber dont try to sneak up on me with a straight jacket or you will dissapear like Brib.

BB: uhoh...*shakes gps*.... damn batteries...

bored: calm blue ocean... people aren't so strange....

BB: *in best Arnie voice* I'll be back.....

bored: *checks GPS tracker* where'd Heidi go? must be hiding *shakes device*

RM: Methinks BB gave us those brownies as a DISTRACTION somehow... *eyes up BB to see that she's really on our team...hmmm, appears fine so far, sneaking up on target in Moraba Plains...notes in Piratey Logbook to keep steady eye on BB and her brownies, just in case....*

Piece: Yes I think BB might just be an agent of Kelvis.

bored: must be why we're having trouble finding Heidi. must focus. blast! can't find orb

Piece (re: where Kelvis is): Who is still in Moraba Plains. I hope he hasnt found it. I don't know how we could ever replace it at this late date. I meant Wednesday is only a few days away.

Piece: *annoying music* Will Kelvis find the whatchamacallit out in Moraba Plains? Will BB turn out to be a rat fink working for Kelvis? Will Rm drop the fake Pirate accent? Stay tuned to this station. *annoying music* B,R & P Bakery introduces Glitchol Herbal Essence Brownies brought to you by Pot. *annoying music*

bored: I guess he didn't find it. he's looking in another spot. and I'm able to focus again- I can see Heidi

Piece: Mwahahahahahahaha.   

bored: ugh. Heidi has gone again. I will get her... one day.... *shakes fist*

RM: Arrr, but she be in her castle. How can ye see her? Oho! Kelvis be on the move...and who's this I spy? Egads! The Quilt is moving about the depths of Chakra Phool. BB, make ready the dinghy...hmmm, BB sleeping in pool of own drool. Brownies finally got her. Who's going to chase down The Quilt?

bored (re: Heidi tracking): she is using her special sheep skills to fool you. she is in fact not there. that Heidi is a sly one her sheep cloak has fallen away. I'm moving in

Piece: *watches bored fade into the distance* Good hunting bored. *looks at tracker* Hey Rm, look who is sitting on Gurag Green. It's Effer.

bored: *sneaks over to Heidi's cottage, a patch of grass in hand* here sheepy sheepy sheepy *suddenly Heidi vanishes from her cottage, unleashing a bunch of goats. runs back to Piece and RM*

BB: *creeps out from behind cherry tree* replaces batteries in gps tracker

Piece: Didn't go well there bored?

bored: I'll get her yet

BB: *whispers* hello anyone out there... seems heidi has a company from um you know... Kelvis has moved to Sobane Banes. does heidi's company have a code name? Currently wondering around another castle.. *whispers* ....

Piece: *whipsers* Where is you know? Plexus?

RM: And BumbleBeez rises from brownie-induced haze! Back on the hunt! Arrrr, matey, go get em! Oh noes, Effer has gone to 12 galaxies. bored, what now?

BB: *gasps* they've vanished.... In other news... should I be worried I'm now only talking to myself? Heidi's company is called plexus? *looks around confused* um ok..... :)

bored (to RM): well, he came back so I guess we chase him. Heidi will have to wait until later. *grumble*

Piece: *taps BB on the shoulder* you are not alone.

BB: Aye Matey, have returned from arousing youngen from milk induced sleep, changed, feed and sidetracked with toys so I can return to the hunt.... Effer seems to be closing in.... *checks GPS*

Piece: *whispers* Check that place. You know, the one I told you about.

BB (re: Piece tapping her on shoulder): *covers mouth in order not ot scream* jeepers....

Piece: sorry. shhhh. Heidi is back.

bored: *whispers* would you two knock it off? we have an effer to catch.

BB: oh no, I can't seem to keep up with Effer... did someone slip him some sort of *cough* extra zippy brownie

Piece (to bored): oh ok. sorry.

bored: I'm not gonna chase her all night if she keeps using her cloak. she wins this round. but I. will. get. her.

Piece: Follow me and I will tp us back to Rm.

BB: Hang on, there's five of us and three of them... we COULD try and coordinate ourselves... errr *looks around* what happened to RM? and MA?

Piece: Rm is back at the boat. MA has gone missing.

BB (to Piece): errrr you know your talking to yourself now?

Piece: Where did you go? *looks around* Damn. *tps back to boat.*

RM: YARRR! Here I be, in me trusty old ship. Egads, Effer gone to mysterious vortex. What sort o' brownies has HE been eating? *eyes BumbleBeez* What kind o' Awesome Pot DO ye have? *shakes self back to the hunt* Kelvis standing in one spot a long time...quick, mateys, stealth pirate mode...sneak up on him...

BB: *checks GPS* good good, he hasn't moved... continues to commando crawl towards Sobane Banes (to RM): *gasp* I dont know what *cough* brownies your talking about

Piece: *whips out personal secret map* Sobane Banes.....mmmmm. yes... *evil grin*

BB: arrrrrr *races of to find power source*

Piece: *slips away from the others. walks up behind a tree. looks close* *tap, tap, tap, thonk* ahhh. yes.

bored: *whispers* you're supposed to pet them

Piece: *cracks open secret door. slips inside.* aahhhh. bored. um. this is not what it looks like.

BB: *continues commando crawl across streets*... maybe I should have waited till I got closer

bored: *watches Piece playing Keebler Elf again. shakes head. climbs up ladder behind tree*

Piece: *looks up* ladder?

BB: *gasps* is not polite to look while a lady is climbing a ladder in a skirt...

RM: Oh no! I mean...arrrrr! We lost Heidi and Effer somehow! But go, go, go...Kelvis will never sense you...unless...unless he smells the brownies *gasp*

bored (to Piece): of course. why? where were you going? *climbs down ladder, tries to look through door*

BB: *cough* what brownies? jeez who keeps handing out brownies without giving me any?

Piece: eeep. erase erase. *conitnues into tree and closes door. reaches up and turns on light switch.*

BB: *checks gps* continues command crawl.. thank god he hasn't moved in while... *gasp* you dont think.... noooo..... it's not a trick?

bored: *knocks on tree* PIece! let me in! Please! *suddenly looks around to make sure no one sees her talking to trees*

BB: *looks around* am I the only one actually closing in on Kelvis.... *checks out bored & piece* what on earther ARE you two doing?

Piece: bored...if i let you in you have to promise to never divulge what you are about to see.

bored: oooh sekrits! ok I promise not to tell

Piece: Thats not a promise. Thats drool. *cracks open door and lets bored inside* Ok. follow me or you will get lost.

bored: *clicks on Piece and chooses follow* ok

BB (to Piece, re: bored not telling sekrits): maybe you should scanner her for recording devices? *looks suspicious*

bored: shhh ;)

RM: BB: Stay on target! A great wind has blown me ship back out to sea....*bzzzt, crackle*....losing contact....*grraaspdahsoagh* (faint voice) stay on mission... (line goes dead)

Piece: *bored follows Piece. Piece takes off running through a dark passage and with a dizzing series of spinach jumps they arrive at another door* We are here. Lets go out like quiet little church mice.

BB: ohhh noooooo's....... *said in a whisper of course*

Piece: *keys the mike* BB. can you hear me? *crackle* BB can you hear me? hrmmm. Rm come in. Rm? Bored, I guess its just you and me.

bored: squeak! I mean ok!   

BB: *continues commando crawl through streets while checking gps* ... good good... still no movement from Kelvis

Piece: *silently Piece opens the door. whispers:* ok, bored he is by the shrine.

BB: spies a shrine.... must stop and rest.... running out of *cough* brownie energy....

bored: Piece! he's not here. *wonders if Piece snuck another brownie*

BB: *crawls behind shrine*.... arrrrr *checks gps* OH NOOOO!!! He's on the move...... watch out....


BB: *checks gps* he's moved onto Rikki Regard.... jeepers... I'm not sure I can crawl that far.... must contact others... *pulls out walkie talkie I didn't know I had hide back there*.... anyone out there...... *crackling*....

Piece: *annoying music* Is BB an agent of Kelvis? Will Rm ever drop the silly pirate accent? What was in the brownies? Will our heroes ever catch a dev? Next time on Glitchen Impossible: The Piratey Side of the Story. *annoying music*

RM: (meanwhile on ship, using Enhanced Awesome Pot BumbleBeez dropped to make loads of wild new kinds of brownies, sees that radio has a small signal, hears of Kelvis's sneaking away at last moment and Piece's final report....moves toward mic): ARRRRRRRRR, iffen ye think I won't lose this accent, ye be much mistaken! Arrr! Long John Silver! Mateys! Bejabbers! (radio signal goes dead again)

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  • Really was NOT my fault this time, but it sure was fun.
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  • nope, that would be me :D

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