street name that should be...

i searched google maps for a canadian street (in any province, but particularly an eastern province) named "ariza road".


because street signs in canada are largely bilingual, with french on the left and english on the right.

they take the format "ch. *street* rd.", so an "ariza road" would appear on the sign as "ch.ariza rd."

WHY is there no such road?


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  • Loved it, flask. I spent many years playing and watching all kinds of Pokemon games and stuff with my son.
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  • hahahaha, if only
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  • I think forum posts should have a "like" button.  Or a little click-able "+" sign somewhere.  What purpose would it serve?  Who knows.

    But I'd be clicking it like madman right now.
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  • Fluffy Galore .. NO WAIT - that's my dog's Bond Girl name.  Sorry - wrong forum. 
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  • I'd like someone with the last name Tran to name their kid Pauline. Why? Because on the school roll, she'd be Tran Pauline.

    Fun fact: in my suburb, there's a Sherlock Avenue, Watson Road and Doyle Road.
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  • I love playing Pokemon with my son. We have such a blast! 'Course, all that changed when I discovered Glitch. Now I don't really have time to be tied up with Pokemon.  It just takes too much time away from my gametime here.  lol
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  • Aww man, I love me some pokemon, but the thing I may be sacrificing in favor of glitch is my Harvest Moon. I preordered the newest iteration of the game, and I was deliberating a long time over whether I should buy the DS version (out sooner) or the 3DS version (has implementation of some different features).

    I decided to buy the 3DS one. And even with it coming out several weeks later... I will probably still be playing glitch, whoops. :'D
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