win a diamond - "ticket" is shiny object

So I thought it would be fun to carpet my floor with shiny objects w/no intrinsic value, and I want to start my collection in a fun way! Send me a shiny object and you will be entered into my super awesome diamond drawing, to take place next Wednesday. So that's like a week, right? :)

If only one person sends me a shiny object... well, I guess you have a 100% chance of winning. ;)

If I get another/more diamonds while mining, I will add it in to this game and select multiple winners.

multiple shiny objects equal multiple tickets, but you can only win one diamond if I add more to the pool. (I'll give you another random different gem if your name gets drawn a second time.)

YOUR shiny object has "no intrinsic value," but it COULD win you a shiny gem with a lot of value. Get to sending, people, or the diamond will feel lonely and unloved sitting in my storage closet.

Posted 9 years ago by Seylah Subscriber! | Permalink


  • Bump because it's the last day to get in your ticket :)

    Considering only a few people entered, odds are very high for each individual entry!

    Good luck everyone!
    Posted 9 years ago by Seylah Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I did not see this before, so I will send one or two off to you right now.  Please show us pictures when you are done!
    Posted 9 years ago by Kookaburra Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Just shot you one :) even if I don't win, it's a pretty cool idea.
    Posted 9 years ago by Djabriil Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Ahhhh.....I just saw this!  Is it too late?  I can send it right now......
    Posted 9 years ago by Poppy of Detwoit Subscriber! | Permalink