anyone else in online classes?

i find my other classes homework easy to do, but whenever i sit down to do online class homework i spend it on message boards like this one. UGH. due at 11:59. can i pull this off? 9 10 11 12, T minus 4 hours. time will tell.

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  • I started to take a TEFL course last year, but I gave it up.
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  • I hope the homework went alright man. 

    I know from experience the difficulties of self-directed learning when you need to do work online. Maybe try a system where you reward yourself with five minute breaks browsing time for every hour or whatever that you do work. 
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  • I signed up for the AI introductory class being offered online out of Stanford University (free).
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  • I'm teaching an online course. :)

    I've known distance-ed students who swear by Freedom and (Mac only) Anti-Social for getting homework done.
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