Death to ants!

Ants are invading my room (and no, I do not eat in my room or keep food there). Someone in global suggested cinnamon, which works great at keeping them away, but it wasn't enough, apparently. The little buggers keep finding paths between the cinnamon particles.

I bought a pack of Terro ant bait, which was highly recommended all over the place- just leave it out and let them take it to their nests, and they die taking their entire colony with them. It's so easy I almost feel sorry for them.

Usually I like ants- they're very interesting creatures. But today I found that they've invaded (and fried) my power strip and are making moves to my drawers and other electronics. THIS MEANS WAR! DIE, ANTS, DIE!!!

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  • Mint, chilli-powder, black pepper and cloves are also great ways to keep ants away. Just place them in the area you think they're entering your room.

    Also, be aware that ants are attracted to the smell of their dead companions, and will swarm in order to come and carry away their carcases. Might be better to keep them at bay rather than kill them outright.
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