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All files are provided by Tiny Speck under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal License. This is a broadly permissive "No Rights Reserved" license — you may do what you please with what we've provided. Our intention is to dedicate these works to the public domain and make them freely available to all, without restriction. See our Licensing page for full details.

State Filesize Dimensions Frame Dimensions # of Frames Loops
attract 823.75 KB 925x2500 185x250 50 no
idle_stand 1.89 MB 4070x3750 185x250 329 yes
talk 486.58 KB 925x1500 185x250 26 no
turn_left 219.4 KB 925x500 185x250 10 no
turn_right 239.92 KB 740x750 185x250 11 no
walk_left 475.15 KB 925x1250 185x250 25 yes
walk 451.5 KB 925x1250 185x250 24 yes
Image Dimensions Filesize
129x226 318.61 KB
159x248 647.73 KB