Region: Uralia


A Tool Vendor., and Plus 1 Sparkly Rock for mining, and 1 Dullite Rock for mining.


Urgent Message!
Dear Fellow Glitches,

This is an urgent notice pertaining to a
natrual gas leak from the gas plants that
has been recently detected. Please calmly
evacuate the street and beware of large
concentrations of Heavy Gas. If you feel light headed,
heavy, or have uncontrollable fits of laughter, please
visit the nearest poision control center.

We are doing our best to assess the situation. Until
then, please do not inhale too deeply.

-- Sandbox Gas and Electric
A goodye
For a really long time
11 giants walked around
They thought of funny things
Until their thinking came alive.
And that?s what this game was
You were inside their thoughts
Go, and make them bigger
And we played for a long while.
And we called the giants by their names
There was Humbaba and Friendly,
Alph Tii Zille and Lem,
Grendeline and Spriggan,
Cosma, Pot and Maaaaab.
Goodnight Ur. (Part 1/2)
T'was few days before it ended, when all through the world
many glitches were stirring, fixing up thier own house.
The items were cheap and the friendship aplenty,
not a glitch was left out, not one, not twenty.

The glitches wouldn't nestle or get snug in their beds,
While even more glitches were conjured in giants heads.
Glitches in caps and in robes and in shoes,
Nobody knew what else they should choose.

When out in the world arose such a clatter,
glitches sprang from thier streets to see what's the matter.
they rose to the times and they opened thier minds,
Tore open the world and saw what they'd find.

T'was not able to fix and impossible to try
This was they day that the world they knew died.
When out of the blue, something nobody knew,
Was a glimer, a small ray of hope.

With just less than a month, and with hope in thier hearts,
they knew that they had to connect.
For not all would be lost in this firey tempest,
The connections and friends made were the greatest!
Goodnight Ur. (Part 2/2)
They worked and toiled, typed and shouted out,
made all just to kindle a friendship.
for this can't be the end, the end of all things, for they all still have thier kinship!
Now run, go little glitch, run to the ones that you met!

for they run to you and want to meet you, when your glitchy forms meet demise.
Glitches from all over gathered together, connected and looked at the sky.
So up to the giants these happy thoughts flew,
Making their remorse less and less and thier happiness grew.

We enjoyed this new world, this magical place,
And now it's lived it's life,
it's no time for weeping its no time for strife.
So Go and enjoy, meet up with your friends, and have a good rest of your life!
If you enjoyed this or the rest of my stories feel free to visit this web site:

Here you can reconnect with me, and other glitches as well as read my stories, if you enjoyed them. I will be posting new ones so stay tuned!

Thanks for the memories <3
3rd Floor, far right
Living in your Heart
Was it just that the giants were about to wake up from their fantastical shared dream, or was something else going on? The glitchen didn't know. Ur would disappear, certainly, but would they along with it? How could they say for certain? So they spent what precious time they had in harmony and in play.

This game is absolutely preposterous.
I agree wholeheartedly!
Yet, I kind of like it.

As long as we remember, it can never be taken from us. When it is gone the space for it will remain.
Boxy Sister
dear divinity,
merry glitchmas!!
u ps i want a rare food item for glitchmas and sorry i found the cubimal that sets on fire but im a few thousand currents short

Don't forget to laugh at the beauty
Thank you, Wetdryvac, for being here and for just being you. Your name made me laugh out loud in the midst of my sadness. May you continue to experience joy and wonder, even after the uniqueness of Glitch is finished.
I'm going to be at Dokk Rokk in Nottis when Glitch goes offline tomorrow, down by the little tent underground, listening to the beautiful music there. I hope you'll join me so we can say goodbye to our beautiful Ur together.
a haiku
the littered pathways
crowded streets and subtle dread
this is the end, friends
farewell to glitchen
from 1, an idea
from 11, a dream
from all, a world
to 1, be proud
to 11, be giant
to all, be glitchen forever!
My first note!
One of the last things bought was a quill...
These fragments I have shored...
...against my ruins.My name was Scoresby. I lived and worked under the Cebarkul sun, a spice merchant turned servant turned private detective turned wanderer. On the day the world ended I journeyed north, to beyond the Giants' wildest dreams, to beat back the darkness of the Rook from even the corners of their waking minds.Remember me.
Goodbye haiku
To slowly fade on
passing into the beyond
simply say goodbye
Thank You
To you - yes, you!

Thank you for being a part of Glitch. Thank you for making this experience magical.