Yokel Yarn 3

Region: Zhambu

Unlocked by

Shepherdmoon Lord Bacon-o Fyxxen and 71 others

This location was unlocked 599 days ago.


Will anyone see this?
Will anyone ever step foot here again?

If not, it's okay.

This world will fade away, but we'll all be better for having lived in it.

And we'll take its beauty with us when we go.
I did...
I saw your note, Linea.

Just wanted to let you know that someone did set foot here after you did. :)

Much love to all the Glitchen!

A note!
I stepped here too
A note!
We wil always be Glitch x
I was here too....
Write something!
Beyond Ur
Hope we all had fun. Happy New Year Glitch players!
I'm here too!
And I probably will be again. I love Yokel Yarn and I haven't jumped 111,111 times yet!