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Zatar Matar

Region: Haraiva


A Produce Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Grendaline., and Plus 1 Fruit Tree, 2 Beryl Rocks for mining, 1 Metal Rock for mining, and 2 Dullite Rocks for mining.

Connects to


i will miss...
....these wonderful designed hidden places. so it was worth to create them ;)
I can see my butler from here...
Hey! What's she doing with that gnome?!
Disgusting - they'll put the piggies off their food!
A note!
From here, you can see the end of Ur.
Maybe the Aztecs were right...
Only one more week until the end of the world. :(
It's alright!
Stay warm, little guy :D
At least...
At least the animals will have friends when all glitchen disappear forever...
mate, it's the Mayans
not the Aztecs!

aaaaalso it's the end of the calendar, not the end of the world, i mean, i'm just saying.
i don't really think that the animals and trees and stuff will stay if we all vanish...
I'll miss you!
I hope we meet again in the next dream. :)