Pilnjan Plink

Region: Kalavana


An Alchemical Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Zille., and Plus 7 Mortar Barnacles, and 1 Peat Bog.

Unlocked by

glum pudding flask Yark and 61 others

This location was unlocked 549 days ago.


I certainly saw the unexpected here...
Flying cats! What a strange and magnificent place.

Though I couldn't help but notice the smell... The whole place was a bit gaseous. But then this area is known for that, isn't it. At least the gas plants are quite friendly. Everyone is, really. I recently completed a musicblock collection thanks to a generous contribution from a friend.

Such generosity and friendliness is a staple of this world, and I can only hope that it lives on once Ur is no more.

Quick detour through Chakra Phool in order to reach Kloro, where my adventure will continue. More people, more places, more sights and sounds and...smells. The old, the new, and the unexpected, all waiting there for me to discover them. Well, I won't leave them waiting too long.