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May Soup

Region: Vortex of Random


A moment of inspiration
This world will be a beautifull place if everyone makes his own world beautifull.
a reminder to my glitchling friends,
remember that this place will not be totally gone forever! you can come back here to ur when you want. in fact, you can go anywhere, visit absolutely anyplace at anytime--

all it takes is a little imagination. c:
The End
Goodbye Glitch.

I won't be here at the end; this is goodbye.

Thank you.
So long, and Thanks for all the fish...
Thanks Glitch
i wish i had beautiful words to say.
i will miss this game so much, and all of you.

goodbye, Ur! </3
It's the end of the world as we know it...
And I feel fine... :')
A note!
Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart is a memory
And there you'll always be
the dandelions
this is my favorite place in Ur. it's so quiet and peaceful, and full of dandelions. look at how they're suspended, like we're moving too fast, caught in the glimpse of an instant.

i'll miss it

won't you?
A note!
I will be waiting here for the end of the world as my timezone means I can not actually be here. You are invited to join me here, in one of the prettiest places in Ur.

Will it all just fade away? Will it end with a bang, or will they just turn out the lights?

Thank you Tiny Speck. Thank you fellow glitchens. Go in joy and may your real lives be all you would wish for. Aloha, Namaste, Farewell.
I'm glad you're with me at The End of All Ur
I've gotten to do so many things! I just wish we had more time. There are so many more things I still want to do.

This game is amazing. I will miss it a lot.
THANK YOU to the people who first Imagined it, and THANK YOU to each person who added to it from your own bright, creative, terrifying, hilarious, and beautiful Imaginations.
dear little ur,
goodnight ur, goodnight!!! may all the glitchen and animals, from piggies to heli kitties, butterflies to chicks, may all of the giants go to sleep in peace tonight and dream of all the new adventures they may possibly have--even after we ourselves our gone.

you will be so dearly missed, our lovely little world. u wu <3
to everyone
who made glitch the amazing, friendly, safe place that it was:

thank you.
i'll never forget you.
I lobe this place.
It's time for me to go, off into the world where the Giants dare not imagine. I've added flickr/twitter/tumblr info on my profile so if you find this before The End and want to keep up with one who once imagined with you, please do.

I lobe you all. Good night.
Farewell, Ur.
For a while,
we were here,
and for a while,
we mattered.
Oh Glitch...
What a wonderful game you were. I hope to remember you for a very long time. And years from now, people may ask me why I remember the Ninth of December. I'll say it's because of places like this. Glitch is the first game where I've really felt welcome, and it hurts to lose that.
Goodnight, sweet princessprince.
This game is absolutely preposterous.
Yet, I will kind of miss it.
A note for everyone
Remember, everyone, the people you met here. Remember the beautiful art. Remember the storylines, quests and home streets. But most of all, you should remember is that the 11 Giants will sleep again.
A note!
bai bai glitch............................
Goodnight, Groddle
Goodbye, everyone. It's been beautiful and wonderful.
This is a beautiful game and I'm sorry to see it go. I've always been amazed at how sweet and generous the players here are, and this seems to have remained true right up until the last day. I'll miss you, Glitch!
Goodbye Glitch.
Thank you Giants, for dreaming us.

Thank you Tiny Speck, for dreaming the Giants.

Thank you Glitchen, for dreaming.

<3 <3 <3
I held her as I cried
You can fly so high
Keep your gaze upon the sky
I'll be praying every step along the way
Even though it breaks my heart to know we'll be so far apart
I love you too much to make you stay
Baby fly away
A note!
Thank you for everything - for beauty, for fun, for Ur! It will live on with all of us, even after the Giants wake.
farewell dear ur
guess i'll actually have to learn to meditate now. thanks tiny speck.