Mallos Means

Region: Bortola


An Alchemical Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Cosma., and Plus 1 Fruit Tree, and 2 Bean Trees.

Unlocked by

Shepherdmoon Marebito Sheepy and 131 others

This location was unlocked 628 days ago.


I'm glad you're with me at The End of All Ur
I've gotten to do so many things! I just wish we had more time. There are so many more things I still want to do.

This game is amazing. I will miss it a lot.

THANK YOU to the people who first Imagined it, and THANK YOU to each person who added to it from your own bright, creative, terrifying, hilarious, and beautiful Imaginations.
it is here that I began, and it is here that I shall end.