EgIantine's Home Street

Owned by EgIantine


This street hasn't been cultivated yet!


Eggscellent Museum!
Enjoyed my visit! Very creative!

i was eggstatic
to be standing in front of so many fine eggs/egg-related items.
However i got museuming of the leg just like i do in any museyroom after about 3 minutes.
This shows that that this is a proper profeggsional museyroom, congrats.

This museum is quite eggciting! Eggsquisite work!
Thank you!
I had a lot of fun, and have included your Egg museum into our small list of Great Towers.


"Eglantine is not only the curator of the museum route, but also the host of the Egg museum. The museum starts more or less normal (with a few twists), but gets more and more awesome with every step. I especially enjoyed the museum dwarfs, the Mazza'la eggs, the egg dishes, and of course, the musings about the rabbit, eh... the bushbaby."
Fantastic, phasmagoric, eggstravaganzic
Five stars! Er, EGGS!
A real Grade A effort!
Love it! fact I may steal some of your wall-covering ideas. :D
Most Eggcellent!
I found your museum to be both fun and educational. I had a most enjoyable eggsperience eggsploring you museum!