Jumpin Jimi Knee's Home Street

Owned by Jumpin Jimi Knee


A Firefly Swarm, 3 Jellisac Growths, 3 Mortar Barnacles, 1 Peat Bog, 1 Dirt Pile, 1 Egg Plant, 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Gas Plant, 1 Bubble Tree, 1 Wood Tree, 1 Spice Plant, 1 Metal Rock for mining, 1 Sparkly Rock for mining, 1 Dullite Rock for mining, 1 Beryl Rock for mining, and 4 Herb Garden plots.


A note!

Anything on the ground is free to take (except the animals).

Mine, plant, harvest and use the machines to your heart's content.

If Woody has gifts to give they're yours to keep.

If you leave something in exchange for what you have received others who visit will benefit.

Thanks for visiting.